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Date published: July 6, 2018

Water-Quality Monitoring on Lake Houston

In cooperation with the City of Houston, USGS collects, processes, and interprets water-quality, streamflow, and reservoir water elevation and capacity data. These data are collected to better understand the effects of urbanization in Lake Houston...

Date published: July 6, 2018


GWWebFlow is a browser-based groundwater model viewer designed to allow users to easily explore model inputs and outputs for published and approved USGS models.

Date published: June 26, 2018

Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS) Explorer

The Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDSExplorer) is an event-based interface that provides a single point-of-entry for access to remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial datasets as they become available during a response.

Date published: June 26, 2018

Collection Management Tool (CMT)

The Collection Management Tool (CMT) allows users to view the events being supported through USGS Emergency Response. Through the CMT, users can view the areas-of-interest (AOIs) submitted for a given event and monitor the collection progress for the previously submitted AOIs. 

Date published: June 18, 2018

Texas Water Dashboard

View over 850 USGS real-time stream, lake, reservoir, precipitation, water quality, and groundwater stations in context with current weather and hazard conditions.

Date published: June 18, 2018

Texas Water On-The-Go

“Water On-the-Go” is a map-based web application that gives people easy access to current conditions in streams across Texas. It was developed to help raise water awareness during floods and normal conditions. The mobile-friendly website offers three ways to view streamflow or other data, including using your phone’s GPS system.

Date published: June 15, 2018

Our Coast Our Future

Our Coast, Our Future (OCOF) is a collaborative, user-driven project focused on providing California coastal resource managers and planners locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms.

Date published: June 6, 2018

Remote Sensing Memory Game

In this interactive matching game developed by USGS and AmericaView, you’ll compare satellite images that show land cover change at various locations around the world. The goal is to find all the matching pairs of images in the shortest amount of time. 

Date published: June 6, 2018

Landsat State Mosaic Puzzle Game

How well do you know your state? Find out by completing the puzzle! Once you master your state, you can choose another state or try one of our other images. Click here to play.

Date published: May 21, 2018

Contaminant Exposure and Effects-Terrestrial Vertebrates Database

The Contaminant Exposure and Effects-Terrestrial Vertebrates database (CEE-TV) contains searchable pollution data (>20,000 records, >275,000 individuals, >500 species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles) that reside in estuarine and coastal habitats along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Coasts including Alaska and Hawaii and in the Great Lakes Region.

Date published: May 17, 2018

USGS Coastal and Marine Geoscience Data System

Provides information and access to the published data of the Coastal and Marine Geology Program. 

Date published: May 15, 2018

CoNED Project Viewer

The Coastal National Elevation Database (CoNED) Project Viewer is a portal to the topobathymetric models created with the expertise of the expertise of the U.S. Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center near Sioux Falls, SD.