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Water-use data for Oklahoma

Historical water-use data for Oklahoma.

Lake-level data for Oklahoma

Real-time and historical lake-level data for Oklahoma.

Shift Adjusted Ratings for Georgia, North and South Carolina Stream Gages

Use the URL below to view the shift-adjusted rating table for any USGS site. Stage-discharge relationships (ratings) are primarily developed from a graphical analysis of multiple streamflow measurements. 

Replace the ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ with a USGS site number.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦&file_type=exsa

New Mexico Water-Quality Data

Ground-water and surface-water quality is one of the most critical concerns in the State of New Mexico. The major water-quality issue in New Mexico is preserving the quality of public drinking-water supply. Water-resource planning and water-quality assessment require a nationwide database with standardized information for planning and assessment of water resources.

New Mexico Groundwater Data

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in New Mexico, in cooperation with the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (NMOSE) and other Federal, State, and local agencies, currently monitors 1,800 groundwater wells dispersed throughout New Mexico in a 5-year rotation that have been measured continually since 1925; some well records go back even further.

New Mexico Surface-Water Data

The U.S. Geological Survey operates and maintains approximately 7,300 streamgages nationwide, 126 here in New Mexico, which provide long-term, accurate, and unbiased information that meets the needs of many diverse users. The USGS collects the streamflow data needed by Federal, State, and local agencies for planning and operating water-resources projects and regulatory programs.

New Mexico Water Use

The USGS compiles water-use data from numerous sources for all parts of the county, and since 1950 has published a series of Circulars on the estimated use of water in the United States at 5-year intervals. These Circulars contain State-level estimates of the amount of public- and self-supplied water used for commercial, domestic, industrial, irrigation, livestock, mining, and power generation.

USGS Water Now data retrieval tool

Current-conditions for water data directly to your mobile phone or email


Send an email or text message containing a USGS current-conditions gaging site number and quickly receive a reply with its most recent observation(s).

Oregon Streamflow Data by Basin

View real-time streamflow data in Oregon river basins.

Nebraska Natural Resources Districts Wells on Groundwater Watch

Groundwater well networks for Natural Resources Districts in Nebraska. Real-time, continuous, and periodic data are available.

WaterQualityWatch for Nebraska

WaterQualityWatch is a USGS web site that provides access to real time water-quality data collected in surface waters throughout the United States as part of the USGS mission to describe water resources. Measurements include streamflow (through WaterWatch) water temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and nitrate. 

High Plains Aquifer Groundwater Network

The High Plains Regional Groundwater Level Monitoring Network contains water levels and well information from selected wells measured annually by the USGS and numerous Federal, State, and local water-resources agencies.