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Least-squares adjustment of triangles and quadrilaterals in which all angles and distances are observed.

The solutions for combined triangulation-trilateration least-squares adjustment of triangles and quadrilaterals, in which all angles and distances are observed, are developed. The triangle is adjusted by the method of observations only, and the quadrilateral is adjusted by the method of indirect observations. The problem of choosing the proper weight factor relating the angle measurements to the d

Map reading tools for map libraries.

Engineers, navigators and military strategists employ a broad array of mechanical devices to facilitate map use. A larger number of map users such as educators, students, tourists, journalists, historians, politicians, economists and librarians are unaware of the available variety of tools which can be used with maps to increase the speed and efficiency of their application and interpretation. Thi

Increasing the availability of national mapping products.

A discussion of the means employed by the US Geological Survey to facilitate map usage, covering aspects of project Map Accessibility Program including special rolled and folded map packaging, new market testing, parks and campgrounds program, expanded map dealer program, new booklet-type State sales index and catalog and new USGS map reference code. The USGS is seen as the producer of a tremendou

The changing scene in surveying and mapping

Outlines progress in the last 40 yr, as the keynote address, 1979 ASP-ACSM Fall Technical Meeting, Sept. 17-20, Sioux Falls, S.D. -E.Williams