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Date published: October 4, 2018

Clarksburg, Maryland Story Map

Story Map: Land cover change in Clarksburg, Maryland between 2004 (left) and 2012 (right)

Date published: June 19, 2018

State Geological Survey Preservation Projects - 2015

In 2015, the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) sponsored data and collection preservation projects conducted by state geological surveys. Descriptions of state preservation projects, including access to preserved collections via state geological survey websites and the NGGDPP National Digital Catalog, is provided.

Date published: April 19, 2018

USGS Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units: 2017 Year In Review

In September 1960, the 86th Congress passed Public Law 86-686 to facilitate cooperation between the Federal government, colleges and universities, the States, and private organizations for Cooperative Unit Programs of research and education relating to fish and wildlife, and for other purposes. The Cooperative Research Units originated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the mid 1930s

Date published: March 23, 2018

The HayWired Scenario: An Urban Earthquake in a Connected World - A Geonarrative

What might it be like the next time the Hayward Fault has a large earthquake? A geonarrative and related imagery examines a hypothetical earthquake, the magnitude 7.0 HayWired earthquake scenario.

Date published: February 2, 2018

Great Lakes Mercury Sources Revealed

A new "fingerprinting" tool, developed by USGS and collaborators at University of Wisconsin-Madison, can now indicate sources of mercury. 

Date published: February 2, 2018

USGS Science and Technology Help Managers Battle Invading Asian Carp

The USGS provides high-quality data and the support of new technologies to help erradicate the spread of Asian carp. 

Date published: February 2, 2018

Edge-of-Field Monitoring

The USGS is utilizing edge-of-field monitoring techniques to help identify and reduce agricultural sources of excess nutrient runoff. 

Date published: February 2, 2018

Nutrient Pollution in the Mississippi River Watershed Story Map

The USGS is working with partners to address nutrient pollution in the Mississippi Watershed. To learn more about this issue, and how the USGS is addressing nuterient monitoring and modeling, check out the StoryMap. 

Date published: January 25, 2018

Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift System

USGS interactive Story Map describing the Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift System.

Date published: November 20, 2017

GLRI Urban Stormwater Monitoring: Assessing stormwater reduction using green infrastructure (story map)

The GLRI Urban Stormwater Monitoring effort brings together the expertise of the USGS with local and national partners to assess the ability of green infrastructure to reduce stormwater runoff in Great Lakes urban areas. This story map discusses the problem with stormwater, the potential benefits and challenges of green infrastructure, and how this effort is evaluating its effectiveness.

Date published: November 2, 2017

Fog Research: Network and Sites (FRNS)

Network with us to study fog. Add your research site. Add your fog water collecting site. Add information about your research or studies. Help create a vibrant place to learn about fog, stratus, low clouds, and the ecosystems alive with fog.

Date published: July 20, 2017

Re-establishing Waterbird Breeding Colonies in San Francisco Bay

This U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Western Ecological Research Center (WERC) story map details how partners are using ​science and management to maintain and establish new ​bird ​nesting colonies in support of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.