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Before and After Images

The USGS has science based work that often requires the comparison of two geographic areas over time. Though scientific data is critical to understanding changes over time, visually seeing those changes is a powerful tool in support of that data. 

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Radium Springs, Georgia. Area drought causes groundwater levels to drop, thus drying up the spring.
Groundwater levels affect if Radium Springs, GA flows or is dry.
Addicks Reservoir flooding
Hurricane Harvey flooding at Addicks Reservoir, Houston TX
Ongoing Dune Activity in Ganges Chasma
Lidar point cloud with and without image overlay
photograph of surface impoundment at NAWC site
Santa Cruz Main Beach, El Nino
Fuorescent image of a Montastrea cavernosa 
Daylight and fluorescent images of a Montastrea caverno
Fuorescent images of two coral colonies
Daylight and fluorescent images of two coral colonies
Landsat image showing Harvey flooding area after the hurricane
Hurricane Harvey Flooding