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Explore USGS science conducted told through stories of series of photographs. 

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USGS scientists collect a soil core from coastal wetlands in Louisiana link
USGS scientists collect soil cores from coastal wetlands in Louisiana
Elevated gage house installed next to a stream with small waterfall and in-stream monitoring equipment. link
Intensive water-resource monitoring stations in Reston, Virginia
Scouting Marconi Beach link
Photo Contest Winners February 2021
USGS employees on boat link
Photo Contest Winners March 2021
Aerial view of Massachusetts coastline, Nantucket, and Marthas Vineyard link
Massachusetts Coastline
Jon Cohl ADCP at 01457400 Musconetcong Riegelsville link
Photo Contest Winners January 2021
Skinny Common Murre flying with keel protruding. Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska link
Skinny Common Murres
Photograph of SuBastian’s manipulator jaw stabilizes GEOMAR’s glowing bubble box link
Deep Sea Exploration, Mapping, and Characterization
ANIMATED GIF: This animated image file (GIF) includes a series of webcam images—one image every two minutes—from the F1cam therm link
Kīlauea Eruption
​​​​​​​Surveyors Road link
Photo Contest Winners March 2020
A woman wearing a lab coat pushes a cart with a tube of sediment through a large metal door. link
Core Preparation and Analysis Laboratory and Sample Repositories
Photo of a laboratory with various equipment and tables to work on. link
Marine Minerals Laboratory
Three scientists operate a vibrating core barrel on a sandy beach near the water. link
CSAF Capabilities - Sediment Sampling
3 people looking at posters on picnic table link
EDAT Examples
A woman wearing a lab coat walks into a laboratory with sinks and machinery, she is carrying a bag. link
PCMSC Sediment Laboratory Suite and the Carbon Analysis Laboratory
Scientists on a beach use sediment coring equipment (a tall aluminum barrel and motor to vibrate the barrel into the ground) link
Barrier Island Sensitivity to Changes in Sediment Supply
A 3-dimensional multi-colored image shows the shape and ellipsoid elevation of the seafloor. link
CSAF Capabilities - Geophysics
Deep snow in northern Ontario, Canada. link
Scientist Spotlight: Laura Thompson
A seismic instrument on pontoon floats is deployed from the beach to the water. link
Shoreface Morphology and Geology
A view from a boat shows a house that was moved into estuary waters during Hurricane Sandy. link
Storm-related Barrier Island Morphological Evolution
Borehole tiltmeter being lowered into a 3 m (about 10 ft) deep hole... link
Mauna Loa Images - Part 1