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Explore USGS science conducted told through stories of series of photographs. 

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The Yukon River near St. Mary’s, Alaska. link
Scientist Spotlight: Ryan Toohey
Color photo of Landsat 4 launch link
EROS History Project - 1980s Landsat
Color photo of dedication of Young Boulevard with Al Watkins, circa 1984 link
EROS History Project - Late 1980s
USGS EROS Building Dedication ceremony color photo - 1973 link
EROS History Project - Building Dedication
1985 satellite image of Chernobyl link
EROS History Project - Chernobyl
Color illustration of Landsat 1 and Landsat 2 link
EROS History Project - Late 1970s
Infrared photo of two planes in flight link
NASA Aircraft in flight, 1971
New Madrid Earthquakes - linear blows link
1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes Photos
Glacier Peak, Washington simplified hazards map link
Cascades Volcanoes Simplified Hazards Maps
Non-native fish known as Red Devil Cichlid hiding out in artificial habitat in the Luquillo LTER experimental stream system. link
Scientist Spotlight: Bonnie Myers
PECORA I sign in Sioux Falls, SD link
Pecora - 1970s
Pecora 16 Udall 50th Anniversary Award photo - Mike Freilich link
Pecora 16
CoNED Outer Banks, North Carolina, August, 2009 link
Southwest part of Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks of North Carolina
A woman shows visitors how she uses sediment sieves. link
USGS Santa Cruz Office Open House 2017
This image shows several small fish fossils in a small piece of light-colored rock.. link
Find a Feature - Fossil
Find a Feature - Fossil
GeoGirls 2019 group photo, with Mount St. Helens in the background link
GeoGirls 2019
Peak-flow measurement at Flathead River at Flathead, British Columbia link
Peak-Flow Frequency Analysis for Selected Montana Streamgages
Image: Northridge, CA Earthquake Damage link
1994 Northridge
Porkchop Geyser erupted explosively in 1989, forming a 5-m-diameter... link
Norris Geyser Basin Aerial Balloon Photos
Jim Reilly with Paper Powell link
Powell 150 Events