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Lake charr Salvelinus namaycush are typically fall spawners although one ecotype has populations that spawn during spring and fall (siscowets in Lake Superior). Lake charr are iteroparous (reproduce more than once in a lifetime) with group-synchronous ovarian development and typically spawn once per year. However, lake charr may not reproduce every year, a phenomenon known as skipped spawning. Fre

Fish Rhabdoviruses (Rhabdoviridae)

The family Rhabdoviridae currently has 18 genera accepted by the International Committee for Virus Taxonomy (ICTV), and three of those genera contain fish rhabdoviruses. In the genera Novirhabdovirus, Sprivivirus, and Perhabdovirus all viruses infect fish hosts, and there are no fish viruses in any of the other 15 rhabdovirus genera. In the overall phylogeny of the Rhabdoviridae the three fish vir

Foreward: The paleoclimatic and paleobiogeographic significance of the Tjörnes Basin, Northern Iceland

Since the mid-19th century, geologists and paleontologists have recognized the scientific importance and unique nature of the richly fossiliferous sediments exposed along the Tjörnes Peninsula in Northern Iceland. In the following century and a half, Tjörnes has attracted the attention of an international “who’s who” in Cenozoic paleontology, as well as many paleoclimatologists unraveling the com

American Black Bear (Ursus americanus)

American black bears (Ursus americanus) are endemic to North America, having speciated from other ursids some 1.2 to 1.8 million years ago (Kurtn & Anderson 1994). During that time, black bears came to occupy nearly all of the forested areas of the North American continent. Historically, black bears were one of the most important mammals to indigenous peoples of North America by providing food, fa

Multiple feedbacks due to biotic interactions across trophic levels can lead to persisten novel conditions that hinder restoration

Unlike traditional successional theory, Alternate Stable Equilibrium (ASE) theory posits that more than one community state is possible in a single environment, depending on the order that species arrive. ASE theory is often invoked in management situations where initial stressors have been removed, but native-dominated communities are not returning to degraded areas. Fundamental to this theory is

Tectonic and magmatic controls on the metallogenesis of porphyry deposits in Alaska

Porphyry Cu and Mo deposits and occurrences are found throughout Alaska; they formed episodically during repeated subduction and arc-continent collisions spanning the Silurian to Quaternary. Porphyry systems occur in continental-margin and island arcs, which are broadly grouped into pre-accretionary or post-accretionary arcs. Pre-Mesozoic occurrences formed in continental or island arcs prior to a

The history of surface-elevation paradigms in mangrove biogeomorphology

Positioned in the intertidal zone, mangrove forests are a key model ecosystem with which to observe and test biogeomorphological concepts. Understanding how mangroves interact with their intertidal environment, particularly tidal inundation, is important if we are to assess their vulnerability or resilience to accelerated sea-level rise. While various biogeomorphological processes are now well stu

Does geomorphology determine vulnerability of mangrove coasts to sea-level rise?

The greatest climate-based threat to coastlines worldwide is sea-level rise. We tested the hypothesis that tropical coasts fringed by mangroves and receiving high inputs of terrigenous sediment are less vulnerable to sea-level rise than biogenic systems dependent upon peat formation for vertical land development. An analysis of published data spanning a range of geomorphic settings showed that min