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Date published: December 16, 1999

Computer Programs for Telescopic Mesh Refinement using MODFLOW-96: MODTMR, TMRDIFF, and RIVGRID

MODTMR - A program for telescopic mesh refinement using MODFLOW
TMRDIFF - A program to provide a means of comparing computed head or drawdown in local and regional models in applications of telescopic mesh refinement.
RIVGRID - A program to construct MODFLOW data sets for head-dependent boundaries using grid-...

Date published: October 1, 1998

One-Dimensional Transport with Inflow and Storage (OTIS): A Solute Transport Model for Streams and Rivers

OTIS is a mathematical simulation model used to characterize the fate and transport of water-borne solutes in streams and rivers.

The governing equation underlying the model is the advection-dispersion equation with additional terms to account for transient storage, lateral inflow, first-order decay, and sorption.  

Date published: August 14, 1996

Water Well Construction Reports

Water Well Constrution Reports entered online.