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Date published: November 2, 2017

CE-QUAL-W2 - Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model

CE-QUAL-W2 is a water quality and hydrodynamic model in 2D (longitudinal-vertical) for rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs and river basin systems. W2 models basic eutrophication processes such as temperature-nutrient-algae-dissolved oxygen-organic matter and sediment relationships.

Date published: October 27, 2017

MODFLOW-USG: An Unstructured Grid Version of MODFLOW for Simulating Groundwater Flow and Tightly Coupled Processes Using a Control Volume Finite-Difference Formulation

MODFLOW-USG is an unstructured grid version of MODFLOW for simulating groundwater flow and tightly-coupled processes using a control volume finite-difference formulation.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: July 26, 2017

API - USGS Search

The U.S. Geological Survey Search API is a custom JavaScript library useful for creating a location search widget in a webpage, typically in conjunction with a web map. The widget connects to a database created for the API, or Application-Programming Interface, to quickly find and suggest locations as the user enters text to navigate to...

Date published: May 31, 2017

Scenario Evaluator for Electrical Resistivity (SEER) Survey Pre-Modeling Tool

The USGS Scenario Evaluator for Electrical Resistivity (SEER) is a quick and simple Excel-based decision support tool practitioners can use to assess the likely outcome of using two-dimensional (2D) electrical resistivity imaging for site characterization and remediation monitoring.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: May 10, 2017

Fortran Program for Estimating Stream Transit Losses of Reusable Water, El Paso and Pueblo Counties, Colorado

The transit-loss accounting program, which has been in continuous daily use in some form since April 1989, has provided water-rights administrators with a tool to effectively manage RRFs and administer water diversion priorities along Fountain Creek on a daily basis.

Date published: April 28, 2017

USGS StreamStats for Idaho

StreamStats is a Web application that incorporates a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide users with access to an assortment of analytical tools that are useful for a variety of water-resources planning and management purposes, and for engineering and design purposes.

Date published: March 30, 2017

CRT: Cascade Routing Tool to Define and Visualize Flow Paths for Grid-Based Watershed Models

The U.S. Geological Survey Cascade Routing Tool (CRT) is a computer application for watershed models that include the coupled Groundwater and Surface-water FLOW model GSFLOW and the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS). CRT generates output to define cascading surface and shallow subsurface flow paths for grid-based model domains. 

Date published: January 6, 2017

GRIDGEN: A Program for Generating Unstructured Finite-Volume Grids

GRIDGEN is a program for generating layered quadtree grids for MODFLOW-USG.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: December 15, 2016

New York Streamflow Estimation Tool

The New York Streamflow Estimation Tool produces a complete estimated daily mean time series from which daily flow statistics can be estimated and a means for quantitative flow assessments at ungaged locations to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters.

Date published: October 5, 2016

The Massachusetts Reservoir Simulation Tool


The Massachusetts Reservoir Simulation Tool is a screening-level model developed to examine the effects of reservoirs on the natural streamflow of streams in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Reservoir Simulation Tool simulates the daily water balance equation of a water supply reservoir and estimates the magnitude, frequency and duration of spillage below the...

Date published: September 22, 2016

Analysis of Flows in Networks of Channels (AFINCH)

AFINCH (Analysis of Flows in Networks of CHannels) is a computer application designed to generate time series of monthly flows at stream segments and corresponding water yields at catchments defined in the National Hydrography Dataset (NHDPlus, v. 2). 

Date published: September 22, 2016

UFINCH— A Method for Simulating Unit and Daily Flows in Networks of Channels Described by NHDPlus Using Continuous Flow Data at USGS Streamgages

The computer program UFINCH (Unit Flows in Networks of Channels) can be used to simulate unit (15-minute) flows in a network of streams defined within the medium resolution National Hydrography Dataset Plus with value added attributes (NHDPlus, v. 2).