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Date published: November 25, 2010

HRDB: Highway Runoff DataBase - Software page


The highway-runoff database (HRDB) was developed to serve as a data warehouse for current and future highway-runoff data sets. The database can be used by transportation agencies and researchers as a data warehouse to document information about a data set, monitoring site(s), highway-runoff data (including precipitation, runoff, and event mean concentrations...

Date published: October 1, 2010

One-Dimensional Transport with Equilibrium Chemistry (OTEQ): A Reactive Transport Model for Streams and Rivers

OTEQ is a mathematical simulation model used to characterize the fate and transport of waterborne solutes in streams and rivers. The model is formed by coupling a solute transport model with a chemical equilibrium submodel. The solute transport model is based on OTIS, a model that considers the physical processes of advection...

Date published: September 1, 2010

SUTRA: A Model for 2D or 3D Saturated-Unsaturated, Variable-Density Ground-Water Flow With Solute or Energy Transport

SutraSuite is a collection of software for groundwater modeling in both two spatial dimensions (2D) and three spatial dimensions (3D).  It includes the SUTRA groundwater model, the SutraGUI pre-processor, the SutraPrep text-based preprocessor, and the SutraPolot post-processor.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: April 13, 2010

SWQDM: Surface Water Quality Data Miner - Software page


The SWQDM database application was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration for use in the analysis of regional and national hydrologic data sets. The surface-water quality data miner (SWQDM) database application was developed to coordinate use of NWIS Web, NWiz, and the Kendall-Theil Robust Line analysis...

Date published: December 18, 2009

ZONEBUDGET: A Program for Computing Subregional Water Budgets for MODFLOW Groundwater Flow Models

ZONEBUDGET is a program for computing subregional water budgets for MODFLOW ground-water flow models.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: December 6, 2009

Data mining and analysis software for USGS NWIS Web streamflow data


Five computer programs were developed for obtaining and analyzing streamflow from the National Water Information System (NWISWeb). The programs were developed as part of a study by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, to develop a stochastic empirical loading and dilution model.

Date published: October 19, 2009


AnalyzeHOLE, an integrated wellbore analysis tool for simulating flow and transport in wells and aquifer systems, provides a better alternative for simulating and evaluating complex well-aquifer system interaction. 

Date published: June 19, 2008


A Grid-Based, Distributed-Parameter Watershed Model to Estimate Net Infiltration Below the Root Zone

Date published: May 16, 2008

Calculate Streamflow Depletion by Nearby Pumping Well - STRMDEPL08

STRMDEPL08—An Extended Version of STRMDEPL with Additional Analytical Solutions to Calculate Streamflow Depletion by Nearby Pumping Well

Date published: October 1, 2006

KTRLine: Kendall-Theil Robust Line - Software page


The Kendall-Theil Robust Line software (KTRLine—version 1.0) is a Visual Basic program that may be used with the Microsoft Windows operating system to calculate parameters for robust, nonparametric estimates of linear-regression coefficients between two continuous variables.

Date published: August 15, 2006

National Water Information System Wizard NWiz - Software page


The National Water Information System Wizard (NWiz Version 1.0) is a computer application written to automatically retrieve information and data from the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System (NWIS).

Date published: May 13, 2006

VBVenn: Visual Basic Venn diagram - Software page


VBVenn is a Visual Basic program that calculates the size and position of two circles to construct a quantitative Venn diagram. It is a simple one-form program with a fairly intuitive user interface.