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An official USGS software project is code reviewed and approved at the bureau-level for distribution.

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QRev 2 and 3

QRev is a USGS-developed MATLAB program that computes the discharge from a moving-boat ADCP measurement using data collected with any of the Teledyne RD Instrument (TRDI) or SonTek bottom tracking ADCPs. QRev improves the consistency and efficiency of processing streamflow measurements.

Extrap Hydroacoustics Software

Tool to assist in selecting an appropriate extrapolation method for ADCP discharge computations.

AreaComp Hydroacoustics Software

AreaComp is a software for computing stage area ratings from hydrologic measurements.

Stationary Moving-Bed Analysis (SMBA) Software

Stationary Moving-Bed Analysis (SMBA) computes the dot product of the bottom track vector onto the unit water vector and determines the moving bed velocity in the upstream direction relative to the water velocity vector. This program is applicable to all stationary moving bed test.

RSMatrix Hydroacoustics Software

The purpose of RSMatrix is to provide an program that can be run outside Matlab and used by non-Matlab owners to read the ADCP transformation matrices from a RiverSurveyor Live generated Matlab file.

Loop Correction Software (LC)

The LC program automates the application of the loop method for correcting discharges measured using bottom track with a moving bed present.

Equal Discharge Increment (EDI) Software

EDI facilitates easy use of an ADCP discharge measurement for computing the locations and associated depth and water velocity for collecting Equal-discharge-increment method sediment and water-quality samples.

National Streamflow Statistics (NSS) application

The National Streamflow Statistics (NSS) Program is a computer program that provides a simple method for applying regional flood-peak streamflow estimates and low flow frequency/duration streamflow estimates.

ObsNetQW---Assessment of a water-quality aquifer monitoring network

The establishment of an efficient aquifer water-quality aquifer monitoring network is a critical component in the assessment and protection of groundwater quality. A periodic evaluation of the monitoring network is mandatory to ensure effective data collection and possible redesigning of existing network. This package assesses the efficacy and appropriateness of an existing water-quality aquifer m

Decision-Support Tool to Estimate SARS-CoV-2 Human-to-bat Transmission Risk

Source code to run Shiny app of North American bat SARS2 risk model during winter fieldwork

pyGSFLOW v1.0.0

Python package software release for pyGSFLOW. pyGSFLOW is a python package to create, read, write, edit, and visualize GSFLOW models. Source code, examples, installation instructions, and documentation can be found at

Reston Stable Isotope Lab Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Lasers & Light Stable Isotopes

The Reston Stable Isotope Laboratory LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software suite is available for download: 1) LIMS for Lasers 2015 for off-axis and cavity ring-down laser absorption spectrometers, 2) LIMS Data Viewer, a companion utility that allows read-only access to LIMS for Lasers data, and 3) LIMS for Light Stable Isotopes for isotope-ratio mass spectrometers.