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An official USGS software project is code reviewed and approved at the bureau-level for distribution.

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Social Values for Ecosystem Services

A GIS Application for Assessing, Mapping, and Quantifying the Social Values of Ecosystem Services


SolVES is a tool for modeling and mapping social survey response data in relation to explanatory environmental variables. SolVES 4.0 was developed as open-source software with Python and uses the free software packages QGIS for its user interface and PostgreSQL spatially enabled by PostGIS for its source database. Updates to the previous version include minor changes to the source database and use

trajPipeFlow---Discharge from horizontal and vertical flowing pipes by trajectory methods

The trajPipeFlow package in the R language provides functions for computation of discharge from horizontal and vertical flowing pipes using trajectory methods of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Measurement Manual (2001, chap. 14, sec. 13).

Ash3D provides forecasts of ash clouds and ashfall.

Ash 3D is a three-dimensional simulation of volcanic-ash dispersion that uses time-varying wind fields and other meteorological properties to calculate where airborne ash is transported under current or historical atmospheric conditions

Cliff Feature Delineation Tool and Baseline Builder, Version 1.0

The CFDT is an automated computer vision application designed to generate 3D line features representing the seacliff top, midpoint, and toe on high-relief coastal cliffs. The program also delineates 3D points on concavities and convexities across the cliff face (termed subsidiary features), which may represent talus deposits, secondary cliff tops, and secondary cliff toes. The tool package include


squid5-software was developed for and is used by the structure-from-motion (SfM) quantitative underwater imaging device with five cameras (SQUID-5) project.


Understanding how data are used across the scientific community provides many benefits to data authors, including building a better awareness and comprehension of 1) a dataset's scientific impact, 2) use cases to direct future versions, and 3) related efforts. Effectively tracking when and how data are used in the literature through time can be challenging. This is in part due to a lack of consis

Cliff Feature Delineation Tool and Baseline Builder

The Cliff Feature Delineation Tool scans digital elevation models (DEM) to delineate features on seacliffs like the cliff top, midline, toe, and convexities/concavities on the cliff face, outputting linear features as polylines and point shapefiles. 

ModelMuse Version 4.3 Software Release

ModelMuse is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) models MODFLOW 6, MODFLOW 2005, MODFLOW LGR, MODFLOW LGR2, MODFLOW NWT, MODFLOW CFP, MODFLOW OWHM, MODPATH, ZONEBUDGET, PHAST, SUTRA 2.2, SUTRA 3.0, MT3D USGS, and WellFootprint and the non USGS model MT3DMS. This software package provides a GUI for creating the flow and transport input file for PHAST and the inp

ModelMuse: A Graphical User Interface for Groundwater Models

ModelMuse is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the U.S. Geological Survey
MT3D-USGS, and WellFootprint and the non-USGS model MT3DMS.

An Open Source Spreadsheet for Estimation of the Ellapsed Time for Casing Storage Effects on Drawdown to be Eliminated for Single-Well Pumping Test Analysis

This is a strict open source spreadsheet that can be used to estimate the elapsed time from the beginning of pumping for casing storage water to no longer contribute to the pumping well yield. The spreadsheet is used to estimate the early time drawdown data that should not be analyzed for estimation of aquifer hydraulic properties (transmissivity) from a single pumping well aquifer test data set.