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An official USGS software project is code reviewed and approved at the bureau-level for distribution.

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This package provides a set of functions for the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN). 

ListingAnalyst version 1.2

ListingAnalyst has been updated to work with MODFLOW 6 and the most recent versions of MODFLOW-2005 and MODFLOW-NWT. In addition to recognizing many additional error and warning messages, it also recognizes data for the Riparian package in MODFLOW-OWHM, the AG package in MODFLOW-NWT and the Surface-Water Routing package.


ListingAnalyst is a program for viewing the main output file from MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWT, MODFLOW-LGR, MODFLOW-CFP, MODFLOW-OWHM, and MODFLOW 6.

GW_Chart version 1.30

GW_Chart is a program for creating specialized graphs used in groundwater studies. It incorporates the functionality of two previous programs, Budgeteer and Hydrograph Extractor and adds additional new features. There are seven major types of graphs created with GW_Chart: Calibration Plots Water Budget Plots Hydrographs Lake Plots Piper Diagrams Cell Water Budgets Farm Budgets It reads data from t

GW_Chart: A Program for Creating Specialized Graphs Used in Groundwater Studies

GW_Chart is a graphing application for MODFLOW, Zonebudget, and other codes. GW_Chart also converts binary cell-by-cell flow files to text files.

QRev 4

QRev is a software package for processing streamflow measurements made using an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) from a moving-boat. QRev was developed by the USGS to provide for more consistent review of ADCP discharge measurements and to gain efficiency. QRev supports both SonTek and Teledyne RD Instruments ADCPs.

ORByT - Optical River Bathymetry Toolkit

The Optical River Bathymetry Toolkit, ORByT, is an application to facilitate mapping water depth in river channels from passive optical image data. ORByT provides an integrated workflow for image processing, depth retrieval, and export of results.

StreamStats Data Preparation Tools, version 4

A Python package to pre-process and hydro-enforce digital elevation models using hydrography features for use in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) StreamStats project.

Annual Management Unit Summary Code

The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework (PAMF) is an adaptive management program created to improve the efficacy and efficiency of Phragmites management efforts throughout the Great Lakes region. Managers enroll Phragmites stands, report the management techniques they used, and monitor the invasion status of Phragmites on their site (management unit - MU). Through a systematic approach, PAMF


The software program, QRev, written in Python, computes the discharge from moving-boat ADCP measurements using data collected with any of the Teledyne RD Instrument (TRDI) or SonTek bottom tracking ADCPs. The computation of discharge is independent of the manufacturer of the ADCP because QRev applies consistent algorithms independent of the data source. In addition, QRev automates filtering and qu


DTSGUI is a public-domain software tool to import, manage, parse/cull, georeference, analyze and visualize fiber-optic distributed temperature sensor (FO-DTS) data. Visualization can efficiently be accomplished in the form of heat maps of temperature (as color) versus distance and time, and in map view plots of georeferenced data on land-surface orthoimagery. The code is written in object-oriented

Precipitation Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) version 5.1.0

The need to assess the effects of variability in climate, biota, geology, and human activities on water availability and flow can be assessed with computer models that simulate the hydrologic cycle at a watershed scale. The Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) is a deterministic, distributed-parameter; physical process-based modeling system developed to evaluate the response of various comb