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Nitrogen Loading from Selected Long Island Sound Tributaries from 1995 to 2016

This dashboard application displays nitrogen concentrations and loads in selected Long Island Sound tributaries. 

CRSSP Imagery-Derived Requirements (CIDR) Entry Tool

The CRSSP Imagery-Derived Requirements (CIDR) Entry Tool allows the entry of imagery requirements, review existing requirements, or explore potential data partnerships. 

Pennsylvania Real-Time Water Quality

Real-time computed concentrations of water-quality constituents such as suspended sediment and fecal coliform bacteria are calculated using ordinary least squares regression models. The results of these models, along with direct water-quality measurements, can be viewed here as time-series graphs, or downloaded as tabular data.

Pennsylvania Drought Condition Monitoring

The Pennsylvania Drought Condition Monitoring Application shows the current drought status for each county and hydrologic conditions for precipitation, streamflow, groundwater levels, and Palmer Drought-Severity Index used by PA DEP for drought monitoring.


Species observations for the United States and Territories

Landsat: Launching into a New Year

This year was huge for the Landsat Program. Here are three major Landsat events from 2021. Use the map to explore the stories we've shared with you this year.


The maps available through topoView are from the USGS US Topo series as well as Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC). 

Geonarrative: Coastal Resilience Initiative

The Coastal Resilience Initiative geonarrative is a data-driven, interactive narrative that shares information about the USGS-led Coastal Resilience Initiative while allowing viewers to explore past and ongoing work and access coastal science tools. The Initiative's mission is to provide information to protect lives, property, resources, and the economic well-being of coastal communities in the North Atlantic-Appalachian Region.

Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units 2020 Year in Review

The Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units program (CRU program) is a unique cooperative partnership among State fish and wildlife agencies, universities, the Wildlife Management Institute, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This geonarrative highlights the activities and accomplishments of the program and its cooperators for calendar year 2020.

3DEP 1-meter DEM Availability Application

This is a dynamic map showing 3DEP 1-meter DEM availability for the United States and its Territories.