National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program

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Date published: March 15, 2016

State Geologic Survey Mapping (STATEMAP) Component

The primary objective of the STATEMAP component of the NCGMP is to establish the geologic framework of areas that are vital to the welfare of individual States. Each State Geologist determines the State's mapping priorities in consultation with a State Mapping Advisory Committee.

Date published: March 15, 2016

University Geologic Mapping (EDMAP) Component

EDMAP is the component of the NCGMP that trains the next generation of geologic mappers.

Date published: March 15, 2016

The Federal Geologic Mapping (FEDMAP) Component

Created in response to the National Geologic Mapping Act (NGMA), FEDMAP develops new ways to understand basic earth science processes and produces high-quality, multipurpose digital geologic maps, regional analyses, and multidimensional geologic models.