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Date published: August 30, 2017

Reconstructing Flow History From Riparian Tree Rings

Aquatic Systems Branch scientists analyze rings of riparian trees relating tree growth and establishment to historical flow. We then use the tree rings to reconstruct the flow in past centuries. Flow reconstructions discover the frequency and magnitude of past droughts and floods—information that is essential for management of rivers and water supplies. We also use downscaled climate...

Date published: June 21, 2016

Blue Carbon

Objectives: To understand the dominant drivers of carbon fluxes in different tidal wetlands across different time and spatial scales; To quantify the values and uncertainties in carbon sequestration rates in different tidal wetlands.

Date published: June 21, 2016

Arctic and Permafrost Hydrology

Objectives: We aim to understand and predict the effects of climate warming and permafrost thaw on : (1) lakes and wetlands, (2) groundwater, (3) soil water, and (4) rivers; We develop and apply new modeling tools and approaches to simulate the interplay between permafrost and hydrology.