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Food for Thought by Roxanne Lamb, Program Analyst, USGS

To be completely honest, I am and have always been a foodie. Being a foodie is not a bad thing, it’s what your food choices are that gets you in trouble.

It wasn’t until I “got in trouble” did I decide I needed to figure out how to be a “good foodie”.  Becoming a “good foodie” required me to take control of what I was eating.  That meant that I needed to start cooking my own foods in a way that I could still enjoy them without all the bad stuff that was causing me a problem.

I wasn’t excited about cooking, but I knew it was the one thing that I could control that would allow me to continue eating all the things that I enjoyed.  After having a “cardiac episode” aka heart attack in my mid-40s, I realized I needed to make a change in what I was putting in my body.  I had already seen what could happen firsthand with my parents, so it was no need for me to continue repeating the family history, which may lead to chronic disease.

The hard part was shifting my mindset on how I approached preparing my food.  I needed to start “eating to live” not living to eat.  I CAN have good food and live a healthy lifestyle, but I needed to spend more time in my kitchen and not the drive-thru.  Within a month of the mindset shift I noticed how much better I felt and how much money I saved.  #WinWin

That was the confirmation I needed to keep doing what I was doing … COOKING

woman wearing gray shirt and red apron
Roxanne Lamb is a Program Analyst at the Virginia and West Virginia Water Science Center. USGS.