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Real-Time Information

These efforts are focused at allowing an integrated and evolving view of any significant earthquake as soon as possible, providing earthquake source parameters, shaking distribution, shaking intensity, population exposure to shaking, and economic and casualty loss estimates.

Real-time Products for Response

population exposed to different levels of shaking
PAGER - population exposed to different levels of shaking in the M6.0 South Island, New Zealand earthquake on June 13, 2011.

Research supports the following real-time products:

  • Did You Feel It? -DYFI is a citizen science web application that invites users to answer a questionnaire about their experience of an earthquake, and then creates a map of the felt shaking (macro seismic intensity) with all the information collected.
  • ShakeMap - ShakeMap is an emergency response tool designed to rapidly portray the extent and degree of damaging ground motions recorded in a seismic network.
  • PAGER - PAGER rapidly assesses the overall impact (casualties and losses) for all damaging earthquakes within minutes of the earthquake and automatically transmits that information following damaging events to critical users and decision makers (including utilities, global corporations, governments, aid agencies, and search and rescue operations).
  • Fast Finite Faults (FFF)/InSAR Modeling - Improve rapid finite-fault determination and source modeling waveform (WF), InSAR and real-time GPS modeling.
  • Moment Tensors (RMT/MT/CMT) - Automated computation of source duration and source-time function for all M6+ earthquakes.
  • Ground Failure - near-real-time spatial estimates of earthquake-triggered landslide and liquefaction hazard following significant earthquakes worldwide