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National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP) Mission Overview

The mission of NCGMP is to characterize, interpret, and disseminate a national geologic framework model of the Earth through geologic mapping and associated research in order to support the responsible use of land, water, energy, and minerals and to mitigate the impact of geologic hazards on society, thereby facilitating national security and economic growth through informed resource management.

The vision of NCGMP as defined in the 2018-2027 Decadal Strategic Plan is to create an integrated, three-dimensional, digital geologic map of the United States and its territories to address the changing needs of the Nation by the year 2030. NCGMP Decadal Goals for a Renewed Vision: The challenge to the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program is to advance the goals listed below in coordination across the Program’s FEDMAP, STATEMAP, EDMAP and National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB) components. These fundamental Program goals focus on geological mapping as a core function of the USGS within a long-term vision to adequately map the U.S. geologic framework in three dimensions:

Goal #1 – Complete a seamless 3D nationwide geologic map derived from a robust geologic framework model geospatial database (Goal #3) by 2030

Goal #2 – Achieve excellence in the performance and relevance of the FEDMAP, STATEMAP and EDMAP Program components, and maximize beneficial partnering between all Program Components

Goal #3 - Achieve preeminence in the use of field and remote sensing and geophysical technologies, and develop a national scale integrated 3D geologic framework model that is housed in a national geospatial database