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Proposal Submission Checklist

Powell Center Proposal Submission Checklist

Powell Center Proposal Submission Checklist



  • Date of submission
  • Descriptive title
  • Short title – two or five words for use as a project name (25 characters max) (Short titles should be unique as they are used to describe your project to the public. “Climate Change Science” is not unique. “Prairie dogs under climate change” is better 
  • Principal investigator name(s) and contact information (4 PIs maximum – at least from USGS)
  • Project summary
  • Proposed start and end dates
  • Number and duration (4 day minimum) of Working Group meetings at the Powell Center
  • Proposed data release date
  • Is this a resubmission?  Yes/No (If yes, provide date(s) of original submission)
  • Conflicts of interest with reviewers
  • Keyword(s) – Please choose keywords from the categories below to describe your project: 1) geospatial 2) ecosystems, 3) energy and minerals, 4) environmental health, 5) natural hazards, 6) water, 7) climate change 


  • Problem statement
  • Proposed activities
  • Names of participants in a table that has columns for name, institutional affiliation, expertise specific to your topic, role in the Working Group, career stage, confirmed? 
  • Describe how proposal meets gender, ethnicity, and age diversity goals and how the synthesis will address broader impacts to society
  • Timetable of activities
  • Anticipated results and benefits
  • Literature cited



  • For each principal investigator and Powell Center Fellow (if identified)



  • Describe datasets and code the Working Group plans to use and produce; data management plan template available on Data Policy web page


Send the proposal document in PDF or word format as one file to For answers to questions not addressed in these instructions, or elsewhere in the website, please email or