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Comment on “Macrodispersion in sand-shale sequences” by A. J. Desbarats

January 1, 1991
Desbarats [1990] used a particle-tracking scheme to investigate the physics of three-dimensional solute transport in aquifers composed of two porous media of different hydraulic conductivities. The spatially heterogeneous fluid velocity was assumed to be the only mechanism of solute movement; local or pore scale dispersion and molecular diffusion were assumed to be negligible. The particle-tracking scheme used by Desbarats consisted of routing particles from node to node in a finite difference grid. In this scheme, the direction of an individual particle is randomly selected and the prob- ability associated with the particle movement in a given direction is proportional to the fluid flux in that direction. The same method was used by Moreno et al. [1988] to investigate advective transport in a variable-aperture planar fracture. 

Citation Information

Publication Year 1991
Title Comment on “Macrodispersion in sand-shale sequences” by A. J. Desbarats
DOI 10.1029/90WR02309
Authors Daniel J. Goode, Allen M. Shapiro
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Water Resources Research
Series Number
Index ID 70176683
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Pennsylvania Water Science Center