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Preliminary description of a Miocene zone of structural complexity, Port Moller and Stepovak Bay quadrangles, Alaska: A section in The United States Geological Survey in Alaska: Accomplishments during 1983

January 1, 2017

A zone of structural disruption and complexity along the Pacific coast margin of the Alaska Peninsula (fig. 41) may be related to the Alaska Peninsula and the Chugach terrane boundary. The best exposure of this zone is located on the east shore of Humpback Bay (figs. 42, 43; also Burk, 1965, pl. 8, fig. 4); other exposures are located on the east side of Ivanof Bay, the north and south sides of Lefthand Bay, and in other coastal localities in the area. In some places, such as on the Kupreanof Peninsula, it is not recognized. This zone may extend discontinuously for 110-160 km along the coast; the width of the zone varies from 0.5 to 1 km. Our current data and tentative interpretations are described here, pending completion of additional field research, laboratory, and office studies.

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