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A prototype drought monitoring system integrating climate and satellite data

November 30, 2002

Droughts are natural hazards with varying patterns in space, time, and intensity. Their dynamic character challenges our ability in planning, predicting, monitoring, and providing relief to affected areas. Because of the spatial and temporal variability and multiple impacts of droughts, we need to improve the tools and data available for mapping and monitoring this phenomenon on all scales. A team of researchers from the US Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center, the National Drought Mitigation Center, and the High Plains Regional Climate Center are developing methods for regional-scale mapping and monitoring drought conditions for the conterminous U.S. Currently in its first year, the project is focusing on developing a prototype model for the central U.S. The ultimate goal of the project is to deliver timely geo-referenced information (in the form of maps and data) about areas where the vegetation is impacted by drought, using the Internet as the primary delivery mechanism. Data collected from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor provide synoptic, near real time measurements of surface conditions. Previous studies have established significant relationships between climate variables and satellite-derived vegetation indices over non-irrigated croplands and grasslands. We are researching methods for integrating information provided by satellite-derived metrics on seasonal vegetation performance and climate-based drought indicators to produce a timely and spatially-detailed drought monitoring product. Eventually, this information, coupled with map products of key drought indicators, will be available to many end users for making critical and timely decisions, from farm to regional scale.

Publication Year 2002
Title A prototype drought monitoring system integrating climate and satellite data
Authors Jesslyn F. Brown, Bradley C. Reed, Michael J. Hayes, Donald A. Wilhite, Kenneth G. Hubbard
Publication Type Conference Paper
Publication Subtype Conference Paper
Index ID 70201072
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center