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EORES Release 8.1.0 User Release Notes

EORES is a relational database system architecture that provides an integrated web-enabled tool for end users to store EO user requirements, value tree information, and EO system capabilities and performance information. End users can display, edit, browse, and maintain this information using a graphical user interface as well as export any data that are in the architecture.

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Feature Additions

  • The "ID" columns in the EOR and EOS export spreadsheets for the End User are protected from user editing.
  • EOS Spectral Bands can be removed during import for the End User if the Sensing - Band ID column is populated and the remaining spectral band columns are cleared.
  •  After disconnecting a band, it can be re-connected via import for the End User.
  • A person can be disassociated from an EOR or EOR record for the End User by removing all of the relationship Type selections (clearing the cell).
  • POC Types can be re-activated via EOR import for the End User.
  • Cleanup of import files for the End User will occur 24 hours after the results are downloaded or 5 days of completion if the results are never downloaded. The message on the status page has been updated accordingly.
  • The Attributes tab of the EOR export spreadsheet has the "freeze" position set to column "C" so the level does not scroll off for the End User.
  • If the date on a DCW is in the future, the following warning is logged for the End User:
    Warn: updated date is greater than current time
  • Added warning to the download log file for the End User.
  • Fixed multi-select for Spectral Requirements and Sampling Conditions attributes along with Licensing Type, Current sources of info, and Palma ID on the EOR Records tab for the End User. Also, reworded locked ID columns tooltips on Top of Tree & Biz Affiliation tab and the Requirement POH.

Bug Fixes

  • In the NOAA data, "Reporting Frequency" is changed to "Reporting Interval" for the End User.
  • After a product is exported as a DCW, it can be deleted (if other conditions are satisfied) for the End User.
  • A data source name with an INACTIVE status can be re-activated without error (note that only the NOAA data has INACTIVE DS names, "Database: POES Microwave (NCDC)" is one such INACTIVE name) for the End User.
  • When any attributes (and levels) are included in the export template, the Attributes tab is created as expected for the End User.

Web Services Impacts

  • Requirement source is included in the Casrt web service for the End User.
  • Casrt view updated for the End User.

 Compatibility may be impacted

  • None.