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The contact information for our Regional Office staff is listed below. Click the Locations tab to view contact information for our individual Science Centers. Stay up-to-date with what is happening in Region 1 by checking out our various Social Media accounts

Employee Directory

Job Title Sort descending Name Email Phone
Center Director Mary Kay Foley, P.E., PMP 443-498-5501
Center Director Timothy D Oden 609-771-3901
Chemist Durga Ghosh 410-267-5750
Chesapeake Bay Coordinator Ken Hyer, Ph.D. 804-382-7111
Data Scientist Kyle Hurley 443-498-5695
Deputy Center Director Ellie D Brown, Ph.D. 703-648-5751
Deputy Regional Director Julie E. Kiang 703-648-5364
Geographer Chintamani Kandel 804-261-2626
Geographer/GIS Specialist Michael E Wieczorek 443-498-5550
Geologist Alexander A Gray 703-648-6981
Geophysics Pathways Intern Jacob T. Murchek 219-308-8758
Hydrologic Technician Todd Lester 410-422-2489
Hydrologic Technician David Brower 443-498-5547
Hydrologic Technician Christopher R Lewis 302-213-5056
Hydrologic Technician Fisseha Mengistu 443-498-5532
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey E Klein 443-833-5775
Hydrologic Technician Nicole M White 609-771-3935
Hydrologic Technician Brett Mcfarland 443-498-5664
Hydrologist John C. Hammond, PhD 443-498-5568
Hydrologist Jennifer Marie Olszewski 443-498-5695
Hydrologist Trevor P Needham, PhD 443-498-5584
Hydrologist Kendall Wnuk, PhD 703-648-6072
Hydrologist/Groundwater Scientist Emeritus Jeff P Raffensperger, Ph.D. 443-498-5542
Pathways Student Hydrologic Technician Logan Jeffries 301-687-0919
Physical Scientist Breck M Sullivan 443-498-5500
Physical Scientist Molly E Huber 703-648-6951
Physical Scientist Marina Metes 443-498-5576
Physical Scientist Andrew Sekellick 443-498-5580
Physical Scientist Benjamin N. Fisher 405-334-7822
Quality Management Systems Manager Delia Ivanoff 703-648-6612
Regional Director, Northeast Michael H. Tupper 703-648-6660
Regional Management Officer Dirk VanDyk 703-648-6150
Regional Safety Manager Michael Seddon 703-648-6689
Research Chemist Elizabeth J. Tomaszewski, Ph.D. 703-648-6483
Research Hydrologist Michelle Lorah 443-498-5601
Research Oceanographer Jenna Brown, PhD 727-502-8000
Science Advisor Todd A Chaudhry, Ph.D. 703-424-8138
Science Coordinator Vivian Nolan 703-648-4258
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brian Banks
Supervisory Hydrologist Matthew G Pajerowski 443-498-5506
Supervisory IT Specialist Gwen Kvech 443-498-5533
Web Developer/Digital Content Manager Lonnie R. Lanham 443-498-5599