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November 15, 2012

PubTalk 11/2012 — Understanding Climate-Wildlife Relationships

-- are American pikas harbingers of changing conditions?

by USGS Research Ecologist Erik Beever


  • American pikas are denizens of rocky talus and lava-flow habitats in mountain ecosystems across western North America
  • Mountain environments, cauldrons of climatic harshness, exhibit sharp topographic, vegetative, and
October 25, 2012

PubTalk 10/2012 — Exploring Mars With Curiosity

by Ken Herkenhoff, USGS Astrogeology Science Center


  • The Mars Science Laboratory rover "Curiosity" landed successfully on August 5th to begin its 23 month mission
  • What have scientists discovered so far, particularly with respect to the geology of the Gale crater landing site?
  • Instruments aboard Curiosity are searching
September 27, 2012

PubTalk 9/2012 — Pacific Nearshore Ecosystem Mysteries

--from kelp forests to fisheries, sea otters aid in studying ocean vitality

by USGS Research Wildflife Biologist James Bodkin


  • Nearshore marine ecosystems face unprecedented challenges, regionally and globally, with threats from adjacent lands and oceans
  • Sea otter populations are experiencing reduced rates of
August 30, 2012

PubTalk 8/2012 — Global Food Security in the 21st Century

--the increasing need for food production, cropland areas, and agricultural water

by Prasad Thenkabail, Research Geographer

  • Worldwide demand for food will require more than one billion hectares of new cropland to feed 9 billion plus people by 2050
  • Presently, of all the water used by humans over 70% goes towards
July 26, 2012

PubTalk 7/2012 — Wind Energy and Wildlife

-- the challenges of wind-energy development and wildlife conservation

by Manuela Huso, Research Statistician


  • Wind-power development in the United States is increasing exponentially, with proposals to provide 20% of the country's total power by 2030.
  • High numbers of bird and bat carcasses at some wind farms
June 28, 2012

PubTalk 6/2012 — Scanning the Seafloor with Sound

--modern sonar reveals hidden hazards and resources

by David Finlayson, Marine Geologist 


  • The USGS seafloor mapping program supports scientific studies across most marine disciplines, including geologic mapping, mineral exploration and environmental characterization.
  • See dramatic, colorful imagery of
June 6, 2012

PubTalk 6/2012 — Exploring The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

-- a Centennial perspective of the Novarupta-Katmai eruption, the largest of the 20th century

By Judy Fierstein, USGS


  • 100 years ago on June 6, a 3-day explosive eruption at Novarupta on the Alaska Peninsula created the spectacular Katmai caldera and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, called the eighth wonder of the
Attribution: Region 11: Alaska
May 31, 2012

PubTalk 5/2012 — Restoring the Wild Heart of South San Francisco Bay

--The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

By Laura Valoppi, Lead Scientist


  • This is largest Western U.S. coastal wetlands restoration project, encompassing 15,100 acres of former salt ponds around the edge of South San Francisco Bay
  • The project will restore and enhance South Bay wetlands for endangered
April 26, 2012

PubTalk 4/2012 — ShakeAlert!

--building an earthquake early warning system for California

by Doug Given, USGS Earthquake Early Warning Coordinator 


  • Millions of Japanese citizens received advance warning of the 2011 magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake -- can such a system be built for use in California?
  • University researchers and government
March 22, 2012

PubTalk 3/2012 — Projected Climate Change Impacts in California

--the consequences of increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases

Tom Suchanek, USGS Western Ecological Research Center Lead Scientist and Climate Change Coordinator

  • How will decisions that the global community makes about emissions likely affect the future of the western U.S.?
  • How will rising sea level likely affect
February 23, 2012

PubTalk 2/2012 — Mapping a Flood...Before it Happens

-- the new USGS FloodPath early warning system

By Marijke van Heeswijk, USGS Hydrologist


  • Historically, floods have been the most destructive natural hazard in the Nation
  • The USGS and National Weather Service have developed an early warning system that produces online maps of tomorrow's floods today
January 26, 2012

PubTalk 1/2012 — Lassen Volcanic National Park

--a wonderland of volcanoes and thermal features

By Patrick Muffler, Geologist Emeritus


  • Lassen Peak, the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range,explosively erupted in 1915, devastating nearby areas and raining volcanic ash as far away as 200 miles to the east
  • Lassen National Park, in addition to