Resources for Teachers

College: Oceans and Coasts

General Coastal Environment

USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program- Background Information
Provides current information on a variety of research topics including tsunamis generated by submarine earthquakes and landslides, El Niño, sea level change, coastal erosion, corals, pollution, and much more. The Web site has links to CMGP field centers in Santa Cruz/Menlo Park, California, St. Petersburg, Florida, and Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Maps of America's Submerged Lands- Background Information
A portal to published USGS maps, reports, and digital data that depict the bathymetry, surficial geology, and/or subsurface structure of selected submerged U.S. areas. Some lakes are included. NOAA is also a good source for bathymetric data.

Coastal and Marine Geology Internet Map Server and GIS Data- Maps
A portal to digital maps and georeferenced data for coastal and marine areas of the U.S.

Coastal Landforms and Processes at the Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts: A Primer- Background Information
[Although this targets Cape Cod, many of the concepts can be applied to coastal processes in other locations.] Written as an educational guide for the general public. Covers basic coastal processes; landform changes, sea-level change, wind and weather, waves, and tides. Many illustrations.

Coasts in Crisis - Background Information
This 1990 publication describes types of coasts (rocky shores, sandy beaches, coastal wetlands, and coral reefs). It also provides discussion about processes that affect beaches and coastlines including waves, tides, weather, water-level changes, coastal vegetation, and human impacts of beach sediments and processes.

Sound Waves: Coastal and Marine Research News- Background Information
Explore non-technical articles about interesting discoveries and research in coastal and marine science. Sound Waves is a monthly newsletter with a rich archive of stories collected since 1999. Sign up to receive monthly email updates!

Coastal Change Hazards: Hurricanes and Extreme Storms- Background Information
Research focusing on understanding the magnitude and variability of the impacts of hurricanes and extreme storms on the sandy beaches of the United States.

National Assessment of Shoreline Change Project- Background Information
Beach erosion is a chronic problem along most open-ocean shores of the United States. The USGS is conducting an analysis of historical shoreline changes along open-ocean sandy shores of the conterminous U.S. and parts of Alaska and Hawaii.

USGS Pacific Coral Reefs Web Site- Background Information
Explore the fascinating undersea world of coral reefs, primarily in Hawaii and Guam. Learn how the USGS maps, monitors, and models coral reefs so the Nation can better understand, protect, and preserve them.