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General Water

Water Resources of the United States- Backgroud Information
The main portal to USGS Water Resources Program provides links to real-time data for surface water, groundwater, and water quality information for all states. To get a broad spectrum of information about specific locations or areas, use the "Water Science by State" function near the bottom of the page. Be sure to also visit the Water Education page with its exhaustive list of resources.

Water Resources Data- Backgroud Information
A comprehensive source of real-time water data for the nation (surface water, groundwater, and water quality) collected from over 8,000 on-line stations throughout the U.S. Maps and searchable data by county and watershed.

Science in Your Watershed- Backgroud Information
A good starting point for comprehensive water information about specific watersheds.   

Surface-Water Training- Lessons
Take free, online courses that cover topics such as measuring stream discharge, discharge-stage relations, safety, sediment sampling, and more. Although designed for USGS employees who are required to use standardized methods, these courses are very useful for students who need to learn proper and consistent techniques for data collection.

How does a U.S. Geological Survey Streamgage Work?- Backgroud Information
In order to understand the health of our nation's rivers and streams, USGS scientists monitor the information provided from more than 9,000 streamgages nationwide. Learn how a streamgage works in this two-page fact sheet.

Water Use in the United States- Backgroud Information
The USGS has been compiling and publishing water use data for the United States every five years since 1950. Start at this website for quick overviews, or delve deeper into the reportsDownload data by county, state, or as national totals.


USGS Groundwater Information Pages- Backgroud Information
The best starting point for groundwater information and basics. Follow links for data, groundwater/surface-water interactions, karst, artificial recharge, land subsidence, regional ground water studies, modeling software, and publications.

Aquifer Basics- Backgroud Information
An underground layer of permeable rock, sediment, or soil that yields water is called an aquifer. This site describes different kinds of aquifers and where they are located.

Basic Ground-water Hydrology- Backgroud Information
Written in 1983, this 84-page publication was intended to serve as a textbook for public decision-makers in need of an introduction to groundwater basics. Copious diagrams are included.

College-level Training Materials for Groundwater Concepts
Although these materials predate modern computers, the basics of groundwater hydrology don't change and must be mastered before moving on to computer techniques. These publications are useful supplementary materials for students or anyone seeking to learn more about groundwater:

Ground Water Atlas of the United States- Backgroud Information and Maps
Learn about the ground-water resources of regional areas that collectively cover the U.S. and its territories. Text and maps are used to describe the climate, physiography, geology, land use, major aquifers, and ground-water withdrawals for each region.

Ground Water and Surface Water - A Single Resource- Backgroud Information
This publication includes a chapter on the hydrologic cycle, and illustrates the interactions of groundwater and surface water. The report discusses issues related to water supply, water quality, and degradation of aquatic environments.

Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources- Backgroud Information
The availability of groundwater varies widely and only a part of the ground water can be recovered by wells in an economic manner without adverse consequences. Learn more in this 1995 publication. 76 pages.

Ground-Water-Level Monitoring and the Importance of Long-Term Water-Level Data - Backgroud Information
Learn about water data required to address the effects of aquifer development.

Groundwater Availability in the United States- Backgroud Information
This report examines what is known about the Nation's groundwater availability, including a description of major aquifers, water use, and changes in groundwater levels over time.


USGS Flood Information- Backgroud Information
Gateway to USGS research on floods. Includes highlighted flood resources and recent USGS news related to floods. This is a good jumping-off point for general flood science.

How to Calculate a 100-year Flood - Activity
This activity takes USGS steam data going back up to 100 years, and calculates a 100-year flood level. It can be adapted to any stream or river. With a topomap, students can also map the effect of a 100-year flood.

Large Floods in the United States : Where they Happen and Why- Backgroud Information
 A 13-page on-line publication that describes the geographic and climatic factors that influence the occurrence and impacts of large floods in the United States.

WaterWatch -- Current water resources conditions- Map
Map of flood and high flow condition (United States). A Google Map version is also available.

FAQs about Floods- Backgroud Information
Frequently Asked Questions about floods.