Youth and Education in Science


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This image shows a large sandstone arc and a rain puddle in the foreground.
June 22, 2019

Delicate Arch after the rain

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

This image shows a forest of coniferous trees.
June 28, 2019

North Rim Grand Canyon conifer forest

Conifers, incluing ponderosa pines, can be seen along the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

August 31, 2019

Powell150 1869-2019: John Wesley Powell's Legacy of USGS Exploration

In 2019, the USGS Youth & Education in Science (YES) team marked the 150th anniversary of the first John Wesley Powell expedition down ~1000 miles of the Green & Colorado rivers with a national-scale educational project known as "Powell150." Educational resources about the science along the rivers and a social media campaign around the theme of exploration were

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Yupik student from Chevak, Alaska holding a tundra swan cygnet.
September 30, 2020

A Place for Me at USGS

A look at the many types of majors that can lead to a career at USGS

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Ohio River at Ironton, OH - staff removing zebra mussels from the equipment
September 30, 2020

Graduate Research Opportunities at USGS

A flier describing the USGS/NSF collaboration for research opportunties for graduate students

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USGS Scientist Tom Byl with five students on a boardwalk leading to a cave.
September 30, 2020

USGS Employment Information for Students and Recent Graduates

From USGS HR - information for students and recent graduates 

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This image shows brown layered sedimentary rocks and the brown-colored Colorado River.
June 25, 2019

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

This image from a viewpoint at Dead Horse State Park in Utah shows horizontal Mesozoic sedimentary rocks characteristic of the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado River can be seen from this vantage point and this state park is located between Canyonlands National Park to the southwest and Arches National Park to the northeast. Learn more about the geology and ecology of

May 4, 2020

Surface Tension and Water

Surface tension performs many duties that are vitally important to the environment and people. This video briefly covers Surface tension.

April 20, 2020

Adhesion and Cohesion of Water

Adhesion and Cohesion are water properties that affect how water interacts with itself and with other things like leaves and even you! This video briefly talks about these two amazing properties of water.

February 22, 2020

USGS Erosion Simulation Video

This video demonstrates a simulation of how storms can impact sandy coastlines through processes such as erosion. This demonstration is conducted at outreach events by scientists at the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center. The activity can also be re-created at home or in the classroom. Learn more about USGS hurricane

Tufa forming at Hot Springs National Park
July 25, 2015

Spring in Hot Springs National Park

A spring in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. The gray rock is tufa - a sedimentary rock that precipitates out of mineral-rich springs. 

Photo of a group of USG paper models
April 1, 2020

USGS paper models collection

USGS Education paper models collection includes dinosaurs and other fossils, and geologic processes like volcanoes and sand dune formation.