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Survey of Geoscience Field Camps

Below is a comprehensive list of geoscience field camps operated by colleges and universities throughout the United States. The USGS updates this list annually, so that you may find links to the most recent website available for each field camp. In instances where an institution does not provide a dedicated geology field camp website, you will be directed to the institution's geology department homepage or the department's course list. The field camps listed on this page carry at least 6 credit-hours. The NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program accepts nominations from directors of these field camps.


Field Camp| Institution Location| Accepts Students from Other Institutions

Adams State University| Colorado| Yes

Albion College| Michigan| Yes

Appalachian State University| North Carolina| No

Arizona State University| Arizona

Auburn University| Alabama

Ball State University| Indiana| Yes

Baylor University| Texas| Yes

Beloit College| Wisconsin

Black Hills Field Camp/South Dakota School of Mines and Technology| South Dakota/Wyoming, Arizona, Death Valley, Western California, Utah, Hawaii| Yes

Bowling Green State University| Ohio| Yes

Brigham Young University| Utah| No

Brigham Young University, Idaho| Idaho| No

California State University, Fullerton| California

California State University, Long Beach| California| No

California State University, Sacramento| California| Yes

Central Washington University| Washington| No

Clemson (Hydrogeology Field Camp)| South Carolina| Yes

Colgate University| New York| No

Colorado Mesa University| Colorado| Yes

Colorado School of Mines| Colorado

Colorado State University| ColoradoY| es

Concord University| West Virginia| Yes

Dartmouth| New Hampshire| No

Eastern Illinois University| Illinois

Eastern Washington University| Washington| Yes

Florida Atlantic University| Florida 

Florida State University| Florida

Fort Hayes University| Kansas| No

Fort Lewis College| Colorado| Yes

Georgia State University| Georgia

Humboldt State University| California| Yes

Idaho State University| Idaho| Yes

Illinois State University| Illinois| Yes

Indiana University| Indiana| Yes

Iowa State University of Science and Technology| Iowa| Yes

Kent State University| Ohio| Yes

Lehigh University| Pennsylvania

Louisiana State University| Louisiana| Yes

Miami University, Oxford| Ohio| Yes

Michigan Technological University| Michigan| Yes

Missouri State University| Missouri| Yes

Missouri University of Science and Technology| Missouri| Yes

Montana State University| Montana| Yes

Montana Tech (of the University of Montana)| Montana| Yes

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology| New Mexico| Yes

North Carolina State| North Carolina

North Carolina System/East Carolina University| North Carolina| Yes

Northern Arizona University| Arizona| No

Northern Illinois University| linois| Yes

Ohio State University| Ohio| Yes

Ohio University| Ohio

Oklahoma State University| Oklahoma| Yes

Oregon State University| Oregon

Pennsylvania State University| Pennsylvania| Yes

Salem State College| Massachusetts

San Diego State University| California

San Jose State University| California| Yes

Southern Illinois University| Illinois| Yes

Southern Utah University| Utah| Yes

Stephen F. Austin State University| Texas| Yes

Sul Ross State University| Texas| Yes

SUNY at Buffalo| New York| Yes

SUNY at Oswego| New York

SUNY at Cortland| New York| Yes

Texas A&M University| Texas| No

University of Akron| Ohio| Yes

University of Alabama| Alabama| Yes

University of Alaska Anchorage| Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks| Alaska| Yes

University of Arizona| Arizona| Yes

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville| Arkansas| Yes

University of California, Davis| California

University of California, Riverside| California

University of California, Santa Cruz| California| No

University of Florida| Florida| Yes

University of Georgia| Georgia

University of Houston| Texas| Yes

University of Idaho and Washington State| Idaho

University of Kansas| Kansas| Yes

University of Kentucky| Kentucky| Yes

University of Louisiana| Louisiana

University of Memphis| Tennessee| Yes

University of Michigan| Michigan| Yes

University of Minnesota, Duluth| Minnesota| Yes

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities| Minnesota| Yes

University of Missouri, Columbia| Missouri| Yes

University of Missouri, Kansas City| Missouri| Yes

University of Montana| Montana| Yes

University of Nebraska, Lincoln| Nebraska

University of Nevada, Las Vegas| Nevada| Yes

University of Nevada, Reno| Nevada| Yes

University of New Mexico| New Mexico| Yes

University of North Carolina Wilmington/George Mason University| North Carolina| Yes

University of Oklahoma| Oklahoma| Yes

University of Oregon| Oregon

University of South Alabama| Alabama

University of South Carolina| South Carolina

University of South Florida| Florida

University of Texas, Arlington| Texas| Yes

University of Texas, Austin| Texas| No

University of Texas, Dallas| Texas| Yes

University of Texas, El Paso| Texas| No

University of Utah| Utah| No

University of Washington| Washington| No

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire| Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh| Wisconsin| Yes

University of Wyoming, Laramie| Wyoming| Yes

Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp| Michigan State Univ., Illinois Univ., Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Wisconsin| Yes

West Virginia University| West Virginia| No

Western Illinois University| Illinois| Yes

Western Michigan University (Hydrogeology Field Camp)| Michigan| Yes

Western Washington University| Washington| No

Wheaton College| Illinois| Yes

Wichita State University| Kansas| Yes

Wright State University| Ohio


International Field Camps| Field Camp Location| Accepts Students from Other Institutions

Michigan Technological University| Africa| Yes

Cornell University/University of Buenos Aires| Argentina| Yes

James Madison University| Ireland| Yes

Boise State University| Italy| Yes

George Mason University| Italy: Apennine Mountains, Vesuvius, & Rome| Yes

George Mason University| Italy: Dolomites| Yes

Black Hills Field Camp| Turkey, Spain, Ecuador, France, Nepal, Iceland, New Zealand, Morocco| Yes

SIT Study Abroad| Nepal| Yes

Frontiers Abroad| New Zealand| Yes

Wilkes University| Canada| Yes


For questions regarding the NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program or this list of geoscience field camps, contact us here.