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USGS - NSF Graduate Student Internships

Graduate Research Opportunities at USGS (GRO @USGS)

The National Science Foundation and USGS collaboration is designed to encourage, develop, and facilitate research opportunities at USGS for NSF-supported graduate students. Administered as supplements to current grants, a primary objective is to expose graduate students to the federal science workplace and provide career mentoring.

Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

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Guidelines for Researchers

Guidelines for Researchers

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NSF Programs under this Partnership

There are currently two NSF programs in this partnership. In either, the graduate student will write a short (2-4 page) supplemental grant that is submitted to the relevant NSF program officer. The money will flow to the University and the student will come to the USGS on a volunteer agreement. The initial duration of the internship varies by program. The programs also differ in the students they target, budgets, and deadlines.

·       GRIP: Graduate Research Internship Program 18-069 

Students who currently hold a Graduate Research Fellowship are invited to apply under GRIP. Application deadlines are December 4 and May 6, annually.

·       INTERN: Non-Academic Research Internships for Graduate Students 18-102

This program targets any MS or Ph.D. student who is supported by an NSF grant to their academic advisor. (Currently Cyberinfrastructure and Astronomy limit to Ph.D. only.) Proposals are accepted at any time. There is a May 1 deadline for FY funds.

Students: Use the Current Opportunities link to find USGS scientists and projects in your research area.

Researchers and Students: Use the Guidelines for USGS Researchers link to learn about the application processes and deadlines.


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