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Image: Lateral Compression
October 17, 1989
Drain grating shows the effects of lateral compression.
Image: Crushed Car
October 17, 1989
Crushed car near the intersection of Fifth and Townsend Streets, South of Market.
Image: Search-and-Rescue Team
October 17, 1989
A search-and-rescue team in the Marina District wait for a building to be buttressed before entering the structure.
Image: Storefront Damage
October 17, 1989
Storefront damage, Pacific Garden Mall.
Image: Damaged Building
October 17, 1989
A downtown building at the corner of Alice and 13th Streets lost part of its unreinforced facade and brick masonry.
Image: Failure of Unreinforced Brick
October 17, 1989
Failure of unreinforced brick masonry caused collapse of the upper floor in downtown Los Gatos.
Image: Broken Utility Lines
October 17, 1989
Broken utility lines in house that shifted off its foundation, downtown Watsonville.
Image: Destroyed House
October 17, 1989
House destroyed by failure of downslope support piers.
Image: Destroyed Causeway
October 17, 1989
Liquefaction and subsequent strong tidal action destroyed a causeway carrying the Moss Beach access road across tidewater basin near Moss Landing.
Image: Broken Concrete Divider
October 17, 1989
Broken concrete divider near the intersection of Summit Road and Highway 17.
Image: Cypress Viaduct
October 17, 1989
Support-column failure and collapsed upper deck, Cypress viaduct.
Image: Unfastened Bookcases
October 17, 1989
Unfastened bookcases in an office building fell during the primary shock.