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Year Published: 2015

Surface-water quality in agricultural watersheds of the North Carolina Coastal Plain associated with concentrated animal feeding operations

The effects of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) on water quality were investigated at 54 agricultural stream sites throughout the North Carolina Coastal Plain during 2012 and 2013. Three general watershed land-use types were examined during the study, including 18 background watersheds with no active CAFOs (BK sites), 18 watersheds...

Harden, Stephen L.
Harden, S.L., 2015, Surface-water quality in agricultural watersheds of the North Carolina Coastal Plain associated with concentrated animal feeding operations: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015–5080, 55 p., 7 apps., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/sir20155080. ISSN 2328-0328 (online)

Year Published: 2015

Methane oxidation and molecular characterization of methanotrophs from a former mercury mine impoundment

The Herman Pit, once a mercury mine, is an impoundment located in an active geothermal area. Its acidic waters are permeated by hundreds of gas seeps. One seep was sampled and found to be composed of mostly CO2 with some CH4 present. The δ13CH4 value suggested a complex origin for the methane: i.e., a thermogenic...

Baesman, Shaun; Miller, Laurence G.; Wei, Jeremy H.; Cho, Yirang; Matys, Emily D.; Summons, Roger E.; Welander, Paula V.; Oremland, Ronald S.
Baesman, S.M., Miller, L.G., Wei, J.H., Cho, Y., Matys, E.D., Summons, R.E., Welander, P.V., and Ronald S. Oremland, R.S. 2015. Methane Oxidation and Molecular Characterization of Methanotrophs from a Former Mercury Mine Impoundment: Microorganisms 2015, 3, 290-309; doi:10.3390/microorganisms3020290

Year Published: 2015

Hydraulic, geomorphic, and trout habitat conditions of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River in Hinsdale County, Lake City, Colorado, Water Years 2010-2011

Channel rehabilitation, or reconfiguration, to mitigate a variety of riverine problems has become a common practice in the western United States. However, additional work to monitor and assess the channel response to, and the effectiveness of, these modifications over longer periods of time (decadal or longer) is still needed. The Lake Fork of the...

Williams, Cory A.; Richards, Rodney J.; Schaffrath, Keelin R.
Williams, C.A., Richards, R.J., and Schaffrath, K.R., 2015, Hydraulic, geomorphic, and trout habitat conditions of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River in Hinsdale County, Lake City, Colorado, Water Years 2010–2011: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015–5043, 28 p., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/sir20155043.

Year Published: 2015

Progress toward a National Water Census

Increasing demand and competition for limited regional water resources make it difficult to ensure adequate water availability for both human and ecological needs now and into the future. Recognizing the need to improve the tools and information that are available to effectively evaluate water-resource availability, the U.S. Geological Survey (...

Jones, Sonya A.
Jones, Sonya, 2015, Progress Toward a National Water Census: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2015–3045, 2 p., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/fs20153045. ISSN 2327-6932 (online)

Year Published: 2015

Water resources of St. James Parish, Louisiana

Information concerning the availability, use, and quality of water in St. James Parish, Louisiana, is critical for proper water-supply management. The purpose of this fact sheet is to present information that can be used by water managers, parish residents, and others for stewardship of this vital resource. Information on the availability, past...

White, Vincent E.; Prakken, Lawrence B.
White, V.E., and Prakken, L.B., 2015, Water resources of St. James Parish, Louisiana: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2015–3038, 6 p., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/fs20153038.

Year Published: 2015

Framework for a hydrologic climate-response network in New England

Many climate-related hydrologic variables in New England have changed in the past century, and many are expected to change during the next century. It is important to understand and monitor these changes because they can affect human water supply, hydroelectric power generation, transportation infrastructure, and stream and riparian ecology. This...

Lent, Robert M.; Hodgkins, Glenn A.; Dudley, Robert W.; Schalk, Luther F.
Lent, R.M., Hodgkins, G.A., Dudley, R.W., and Schalk, L.F., 2015, Framework for a hydrologic climate-response network in New England: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015–1062, 34 p., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/ofr20151062.

Year Published: 2015

Changes in total phosphorus concentration in the Red River of the North Basin, 1970-2012

The Red River of the North drains much of eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota and flows north into Manitoba, Canada, ultimately into Lake Winnipeg; therefore, water quality is an International concern. With increased runoff in the past few decades, phosphorus flux (the amount of phosphorus transported by the river) has increased. This...

Ryberg, Karen R.; Akyüz, F. Adnan; Lin, Wei
Ryberg, K.R., Akyüz, F.A., and Lin, W., 2015, Changes in total phosphorus concentration in the Red River of the North Basin, 1970-2012: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers ASABE/CSBE North Central Intersectional Meeting, Fargo, N. Dak., April 10-11, 2015, paper number RRV15-054, http://dx.doi.org/10.13031/rrv2015054.

Year Published: 2015

Tidal management sffects sub-adult fish assemblages in impounded South Carolina Marshes

In coastal South Carolina, most impounded marshes are managed for waterfowl; fewer are managed for fishes. Tidal control is central to each strategy but raises concerns that nursery function could be impaired. This research examined the assemblage composition of fishes during early-life stages. We sampled two impoundments of each management type...

Carswell, Ben L.; Peterson, James T.; Jennings, Cecil A.

Year Published: 2015

Velocity bias induced by flow patterns around ADCPs and associated deployment platforms

Velocity measurements near the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) are important for mapping surface currents, measuring velocity and discharge in shallow streams, and providing accurate estimates of discharge in the top unmeasured portion of the water column. Improvements to ADCP performance permit measurement of velocities much closer (5 cm...

Mueller, David S.
Attribution: Water Resources

Year Published: 2015

Decision support system for optimally managing water resources to meet multiple objectives in the Savannah River Basin

Managers of large river basins face conflicting demands for water resources such as wildlife habitat, water supply, wastewater assimilative capacity, flood control, hydroelectricity, and recreation. The Savannah River Basin, for example, has experienced three major droughts since 2000 that resulted in record low water levels in its reservoirs,...

Roehl, Edwin A.; Conrads, Paul
Roehl, Jr., Edwin A. and Conrads, Paul A., 2015, "Decision Support System for Optimally Managing Water Resources to Meet Multiple Objectives in the Savannah River Basin," Journal of South Carolina Water Resources: Vol. 2 : Iss. 1 , Article 12.

Year Published: 2015

Geomicrobial interactions with arsenic and antimony

Although arsenic and antimony are generally toxic to life, some microorganisms exist that can metabolize certain forms of these elements. Some can use arsenite or stibnite as potential or sole energy sources, whereas others can use aresenate and antimonite (as was discovered only recently) as terminal electron acceptors. Still other microbes can...

Oremland, Ronald S.
Oremland, R.S. 2015. Geomicrobial Interactions with Arsenic and Antimony in Ehrlich’s Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition Edited by Henry Lutz Ehrlich, Dianne K. Newman, and Andreas Kappler, CRC Press. pp. 297-321

Year Published: 2015

Measuring storm tide and high-water marks caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York: Chapter 2

In response to Hurricane Sandy, personnel from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) deployed a temporary network of storm-tide sensors from Virginia to Maine. During the storm, real-time water levels were available from tide gages and rapid-deployment gages (RDGs). After the storm, USGS scientists retrieved the storm-tide sensors and RDGs and...

Simonson, Amy E.; Behrens, Riley
A.E. Simonson and R. Behrens, Measuring Storm Tide and High-water Marks Caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York. In: J. Bret Bennington and E. Christa Farmer, editors: Learning from the Impacts of Superstorm Sandy, Oxford: Academic Press; 2015, p. 7-19.

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