The Connecticut River UnImpacted Streamflow Estimation (CRUISE) Tool

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The Connecticut River UnImpacted Streamflow Estimation (CRUISE) tool combines the utility of catchment delineation at any location along a stream with the estimation and serving of daily streamflow information. The CRUISE tool is freely-available and requires only an internet connection and Microsoft Excel version 2000 or higher. 

The U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats web application is used to select the location of the ungauged site, delineate the catchment boundary, and determine its catchment characteristics. The spreadsheet program then estimates daily, historical streamflow for a 44-year (16,071-day) period of record spanning October 1, 1960 through September 30, 2004 using information from an index streamgauge and catchment characteristics.

Documentation of methods

Archfield, S. A., Steeves, P. A., Guthrie, J. D., and Ries III, K. G.: A web-based software tool to estimate unregulated daily streamflow at ungauged rivers, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 5, 2503-2526, doi:10.5194/gmdd-5-2503-2012, 2012.

The article is publicaly available for download at:


Software (latest version posted January 2012)

To use the CRUISE tool, users must have an internet connection, a web browser program, and Microsoft Excel version 2000 or higher. The U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats tool is first used to delineate the contributing area to the ungauged location and compute the catchment characteristics needed to estimate the FDC, and then the CRUISE tool, which is a customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with Visual Basic macros is used to select the index streamgauge and compute the unimpacted daily streamflow time series for the ungauged location.

System Requirements

The CRUISE model was designed to run on a Microsoft Windows compatible personal computer (PC) and has not been tested on other operating systems or computer types.

File download

The zipped folder contains the files needed to use the CRUISE tool. Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher is needed.

User Manual

The user manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

Archfield, S.A. and P.A. Steeves, User manual for the Connecticut River UnImpacted Streamflow Estimation (CRUISE) tool, version 1.3, Last updated January 2012.

Software History

CRUISE version 1.3 - Initial release September, 2011; Most recent release January, 2012.

Support and User Community

Limited support is provided for correcting bugs and clarification of how the code is intended to work.

To receive notifications of software updates and provide feedback, request to join the CRUISE user list here.


User Rights

This software and related material (data and documentation) are made available by the USGS to be used in the public interest and the advancement of science. You may, without any fee or cost, use, copy, modify, or distribute this software, and any derivative works thereof, and its supporting documentation, subject to the USGS Software User Rights Notice

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