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DOTABLES is an online program that generates tables of dissolved oxygen (DO) solubility values and (or) salinity correction factors over a range of user-specified values for water temperature, barometric pressure, and salinity or specific conductance. In addition to generating tables, DOTABLES can compute a single-value of oxygen solubility and percent saturation for a specific instance of temperature, pressure, and salinity.

DOTABLES is executed by choosing the type of desired result (single-value computation, DO solubility table, or salinity correction factor table), providing the required inputs, and then clicking the "Submit" or "Make Table" button from the appropriate section. The equations used to make these computations are valid for the following ranges:

Water temperature 0-40 degrees Celsius or 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit
Barometric pressure 380-836 mm Hg, 14.97-32.91 in Hg, 507-1114 mbar, 51-112 kPa, or 0.5-1.1 atm
Salinity or SC 0-40 ‰ salinity, or 0-59118 µS/cm specific conductance


To access DOTABLES, please click on the green button below (it will not download; it will take you to the DOTABLES online program).



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