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This version (8.50) of DAF differs from the prior distribution (version 7.03) in two ways: 1) great-circle distances are calculated using the WGS84 spheroid, so distance calculations may differ by a fraction of a percent; and 2) the method of choosing between the Argos primary and alternate location solutions is greatly improved (see the MEE paper above).  Differences between the filtered outputs of Version 7.03 and 8.50 would likely be few and/or qualitatively inconsequential, so don’t be overly concerned if you’ve used and published your studies using prior version(s).

Version 8.50 also includes SAS code and public-domain software that can be configured to conduct Telnet sessions that download raw DIAG and DS data (i.e., live-update). It is then convenient to configure the Windows Scheduler to run the DAF on a fixed schedule (for example, daily or weekly) during a period when animals are being actively tracked. Version 8.50 also has SAS code and public domain software that can be configured to email the filtered results to a user-defined recipient list.

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Studies that have used the Douglas Argos-Filter Algorithm

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