Fishery Information and Technology Software

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From the American Fisheries Society web site:

"The Fisheries Information and Technology Section (AFSFITS) was known as the Computer User Section (AFSCUS) until the name change in 2008.   The AFSFITS section was established in 1985 as part of the American Fisheries Society by fisheries professionals to foster communications among fisheries computer users. The section has developed criteria for the professional review of computer software, and has become a repository for a variety of software used in fisheries analyses. We provide an online guide to internet and technical resources for fishery biologists. The section distributes software from a peer-reviewed library, supports an electronic mailing list, provides technical information to AFS subunits and members. We actively sponsor workshops, symposia and meetings on a regular basis and are active in the formulation of Society policy. The AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section sponsors and judges a Student Poster Award for the best student poster at the annual AFS Parent Society Meeting that incorporates technology uses on solving fisheries problems."