GENIE Version 2: A general model-independent TCP/IP run manager

Release Date:

GENIE Version 2 is a model-independent suite of programs that can be used to generally distribute, manage, and execute multiple model runs via a TCP/IP network. The suite consists of a file distribution interface, a run manager, a run executer, and a routine that can be compiled as part of a program and used to exchange model runs with the run manager. Because communication is via a standard protocol (TCP/IP), any computer connected to the Internet can serve in any of the capabilities offered by this suite. Model independence is consistent with the existing template and instruction file protocols of the widely used PEST parameter estimation suite.



Documentation for the code may be viewed here:

Muffels, C.T., Hayes, D.A., Tonkin, M.J., and Hunt, R.J., 2015, GENIE Version 2, A General Model-Independent TCP/IP Run Manager, pp. 24-37 in Approaches in highly parameterized inversion: PEST++ Version 3, a Parameter ESTimation and uncertainty analysis software suite optimized for large environmental models: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 7, section C12, 54 p. (See Appendix 2)


Supported Computing Platforms and Source Code Compilation:

GENIE is known to run on Windows®, Linux®, and Macintosh® operating systems.

The GENIE code is written in C++; routines supporting the template and instruction file protocols are taken directly from the PEST Fortran source code. Compilation of the code has been routinely accomplished using Intel compilers.



GENIE executable files are currently available for Windows operating systems. There is no installation procedure needed; unzip the archive files and ensure that the executable files are placed into your path and are accessible from the command line.

Version 2 (CURRENT) - Sept. 18, 2015, Windows (32-bit)



A GENIE test case of PEST (GPEST) and PEST++ (GPEST++) using the simple test case of Welter and others (2012) appendix 6 may be downloaded here.



A ZIP file that contains all source code for GENIE may be downloaded here.

Code documentation is available in these publications.



See the GENIE project for frequently asked questions.



Support is provided for correcting bugs and clarification of how the code is intended to work. Only limited assistance can be provided for applying GENIE to specific problems. For comments regarding this site, please contact Randy Hunt.

For support or comments regarding the GENIE code, please contact Chris Muffels.


Software User Rights Notice

The GENIE code is designed to provide a foundation for an open-source development platform capable of producing robust and efficient software tools for the environmental modeling community into the future. This software, documentation, and example data sets are made freely available by the authors and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to be used in the public interest and in the advancement of science. The performance of GENIE has been tested in a variety of applications. Future applications, however, might reveal errors that were not detected in the test simulations. Users are requested to notify the U.S. Geological Survey contact of any errors found in this document or the computer program using the email address available listed above. Updates might occasionally be made to this document and the GENIE program; users are encouraged to check the website periodically.