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SATSI (Spatial And Temporal Stress Inversion) is a modified version of Michael's (JGR 1984, 1987) code that inverts focal mechanism data for a spatially and/or temporally varying stress field. The inversion finds the least complex stress field model that is consistent with the data. It uses an adaptive smoothing method that discriminates between variations that are or aren't strongly required by the data and retains only variations that are well-resolved. The technique is described and validated in Hardebeck and Michael (JGR 111, B11310, doi:10.1029/2005JB004144, 2006.) The tar file contains C codes implementing the inversion method for 2D and 4D stress fields (1D and 3D fields can be treated as simplified cases), and example input data and Perl scripts.

Authors: Jeanne Hardebeck and Andy Michael
Usage: Spatially and/or temporally varying stress field from focal mechanisms
Platform: Unix (or any platform with C)
Interface: Command line / text input files
Output: Text files