Release Date:

Now available on the apple store with a link to


Android version coming soon!



1.  Once you've downloaded the app, download a route from those online by sliding to the left and choosing the download cloud.  

2.  When you are ready to start, choose the downloaded route from Saved Routes and start your visit.   Use the map and waypoint finder to navigate to the general ScienceCache site.

3.  When you are near the cache, a screen will pop up to tell you that you are near.  Select investigate waypoint to see clues and pictures to help you find the specific Cache.   Choose Hint to get more detail.

4.  After you've discovered the cache, click found it to take pictures, answer questions, and turn your hike into a scientific expedition.

5.  Turning off the 'start your visit' will pause the GPS.   If you have cell service or wifi, you'll be prompted to upload the data you've collected to our servers.  You can also upload your visit data from the Visits tab.  

6.  The phone saves information as you type.


For feedback on improving the app, please contact Dr. Graves (