SEA-MAT: Matlab Tools for Oceanographic Analysis

Release Date:

Time Series Tools

  • UTide: Expands and integrates the t_tide (Pawlowicz et al 2002), r_t_tide (Leffler and Jay 2009), IOS Tidal Package (Foreman et al 2009) approaches into a common framework. From Dan Codiga.

  • jLab: A Matlab toolbox for big data analysis, signal processing, mapping, and oceanographic applications. From Jonathan Lilly.

  • RPSstuff: Tools for principal axis, low-pass filtering, z0tocd, and more. From Rich Signell.

  • Bobstuff: Tools for vector correlation and more. From Bob Beardsley.

  • rwt: Rice Wavelet Toolbox.

  • timeplt: Gregorian labeling of stacked time series plots, including vector stick plots. From Rich Signell.

Numerical Modeling Tools

  • seagrid: Orthogonal curvilinear grid creator for Matlab, used to make grids for ROMS, COAWST, ECOM, etc.

Mapping Tools

  • m_map: A free mapping package. From Rich Pawlowicz.

Hydrographic Tools

  • teos-10: Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater (e.g. practical salinity, specific volume, potential density, etc).
  • ez-krig: A gui-driven collection of routines to make Kriging of hydrographic and other spatial data a simple process, by Dr. Dezhang Chu.
  • lim: Tools for water properties in lakes (or seawater < 4 ppt). From Rich Pawlowitz.
  • dynmodes: DYNMODES calculates ocean dynamic vertical modes. From John Klinck.
  • woce-tools: A collection of WOCE water property data utilities. From Paul Robbins.
  • FloatAxis: Plot data with different units (eg. temperature, salinity and density versus depth) on the same axes having the x-axis for the parameters “floating” below. The number of parameters plotted is not limited. From Blair Greenan.
  • tsg-gc: A tool for interactive quality control of sea surface temperature and salinity. From IRD.

Data Interface Tools

  • nctoolbox: Provides read-only access to NetCDF, OPeNDAP, HDF5, GRIB, GRIB2, HDF4 and many (15+) other file formats and services using the same API. Understands and utilizes CF Conventions to facilitate reading coordinate data (lon, lat, depth, time).


  • air-sea: Compute surface wind stress and heat flux components from buoy and shipboard atmospheric and near-surface oceanographic time series measurements. By Rich Pawlowicz and Bob Beardlsley.

Other Tools

  • moordyn:Tools for designing and testing dynamics of oceanographic moorings and towed bodies. From Richard Dewey.
  • tide_ell: Tidal ellipse tools that convert between u and v amplitude and phase parameters and tidal ellipse parameters (major axis, ellipticity, inclination and phase). There is also a program to estimate vertical profiles of tidal ellipse parameters, given sea-elevation gradients. From Zhigang Xu.
  • ternary: Shepard ternary plot (e.g. sand-silt-clay). From Bill Waite.