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An application for automating ShakeMap delivery to critical users and for facilitating notification of shaking levels at user-selected facilities.

Who should use ShakeCast: businesses, utility and other lifeline managers, emergency responders, and others have an urgent need for information about the impact on their own facilities so they can make informed decisions and take quick actions to ensure safety, restore system functionality, and minimize losses.

Who should not use ShakeCast: individual users without facility inventory or organizations that look for earthquake information infrequently.

Authors: Kuo-Wan Lin and David Wald
Usage: Automated ShakeMap delivery to users, facilitating use of ShakeMap products and post-download post-commands (script startup)
Platform: MS Windows operating system (XP, 7/8 Server); Linux. ShakeCast AMI (CentOS-6) using Amazon Web Services (AWS) & VM (Linux, Win Server) Interface PERL, MySQL, Apache, HTML5; responsive web
Interface: Scripts / text configuration files
Output: Email & txt messaging, PDF facility report, Web-based GUI using Google Maps.
Download: See online documentation