Slick Package

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The slick package uses fault slip data (either field observations or from focal mechamism) to find the stress tensor that best explains the observations. Inputs are the orientation and slip direction of a set of fault planes. Outputs are the oreintation and shape of the stress ellipsoid, including confidence regions, and statistics used to judge the success of the inversion. This method uses the linear inversion agorithm and non-parametric bootstrap statistics.

Unix: The code to invert fault slip data for the stress tensor. format is compressed tar. To extract on a Unix system use the command % zcat stress.tar.Z | tar xf - It will expand into a number of files in your current directory. You also need to get the onnet plotting package.

PC:Same as stress.tar.Z but containing Leigh House of Los Alamos' conversion of the software to PC compatibility. The zip was done with Zip 1.0 (29 September 1991).

Author: Andy Michael
Usage: Stress inversion from slip data
Platform: Unix, PC (or any platform with C)
Interface: Command line, can be run as batch mode
Bound Program: Onnet, Stereonet plotting package
Output: Text, graphics via onnet stereonet plotting program
Manual: ASCII Text and Postscript files in included in download file
Tutorial: Included in download file
Download: Unix - stress.tar.Z (41k); PC - (160k)