Great Lakes Restoration Initiative


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Date published: March 25, 2020
Status: Active

Foundations for Future Restoration Actions: Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative - Lake Ontario, 2018

Environmental organizations from the United States and Canada have teamed up each year, as part of the Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI) program, to assess conditions in one of the five Great Lakes. . Each year, the survey focuses on a series of research areas, such as phosphorus and nitrogen input and movement through the food web, phytoplankton and zooplankton populations...

Contacts: Brian Lantry, James Watkins, Christopher M. Pennuto, Jacques Rinchard, Ph.D.
Date published: November 12, 2019
Status: Active

Areas of Concern: Niagara River

USGS scientists participated in several projects supporting work in the Niagara River Area of Concern including: 1) Evaluating toxicity in Benthos Sediment, 2) Tracking PCB Sources in the AOC, and Identifying Source Areas Contributing to Contaminants Found in Fish Tissue.