Ana Maria Garcia




PhD, Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois - 2001

Thesis: Hydrologic Modeling Of Irregular Tile Drainage Systems. : 2001. Print at UIUC

MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois - 1996            

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University - 1994



Hydrologist, USGS North Carolina Water Science Center

08/2007 – Present

Since joining the USGS I have worked on projects that investigate how anthropogenic activities impact water quality and quantity in rivers and streams across the Southeastern US. Recent projects include a water quality and hydrodynamic model of the Roanoke River in support of protection and restoration of the riparian corridor. I have also worked on a regional-scale SPARROW model to analyze the transport of phosphorus across the landscape.

Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Research Unit

03/2006 – 8/2007

While at USDA, I worked on best management practices related to field- and farm- scale phosphorus transport in manure amended soils.

Environmental EngineerTetra Tech Inc.

01/2001 – 03/2006

As an environmental consultant to US EPA and state agencies, I conducted water quality studies that led to approved Total Maximum Daily Loads. Responsibilities included technical oversight, application of watershed-scale water quality modeling and dissemination of results.