Andrea Foster, Ph.D.


I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and attended high school in Bloomington, Indiana and Frankfort, Kentucky, graduating in 1988. I was a matriculated geology major at Howard University (Washington, DC) and Indiana University (Bloomington), obtaining my BS Geology from the latter institution in 1992. I obtained my PhD from Stanford University (geochemistry) in 1999. The same year, I begain my employment at the U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park.



1992-1999 Stanford University, Ph.D., Geological and Environmental Sciences

Thesis Title: Partitioning and Transformation of Arsenic and Selenium in Natural and Laboratory Systems

1990-1992 Indiana University, B.S., Geology, (with Honors); Mathematics minor

1988-1990 Howard University, Geology major



2010 Soft X-ray Summer School, Stanford University

2006    Multivariate Analysis of Hydrological, Biological, and Chemical

Data (ID 3045), USGS, Denver, CO. (5 days)

2000    Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy: Better Understanding and Usage of the SEM for Lab Work, USGS, Menlo Park (2 days)

1999    Assisted use/training in TEM/AEM at the National Center for Electron Microscopy, Berkeley, CA (2 days)

1999    Synchrotron-based powder XRD short course, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (1 day)

1998    Geomicrobiological Research in Norm Pace’s microbiology lab, Berkeley, CA (3 months)

1998    Microbial Diversity Course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA (8 weeks)



Investigating the relationhip between arsenic solid-phase speciation and arsenic relative bioaccessibility and bioavailability 

Improving EPA's chromate extraction method though spectroscopic quantification of solid-phase chromate

Identifying solid-phase species of chromium and the potential for redox transformations of Cr in the vicinity of Hinkley, CA

Investigation of gallium and rare earth element speciation in acid-sulfate alteration haloes of mineral deposits

Development of micro-Raman spectroscopic methods for in-situ measurement of dissolved and solid-phase toxic elements and micro-mineralogical ID



Toxicity of tellurium and other scarce, technologically-important trace elements in aquatic invertebrates

Spectroscopic studies of tellurium mineralogy to support studies of tellurium in mine wastes

Arsenic solid-phase speciation at the Lava Cap Mine Superfund Site, Nevada City, CA

Arsenic solid-phase speciation in surface and aquifer sediments from Bangladesh

Feasibililty studies for passive bioreactor using Leptothrix, a ferric-hydroxide precipitating bacterium

Microbial community diversity in mining-impacted intertidal zones of Prince William Sound, AK.

Toxicity of water in intertidal zones impacted by mining of VMS deposits, Prince William Sound, AK

Composition and diversity of mercury-methylating microbial communities in reconstructed wetlands, Clear Creek, Redding, CA

Selenium and chromium solid-phase speciation in surface phosphate mine wastes and core sediments in the Western US phosphate field

Arsenic speciation in acidic and basic coal and flyash

Cadmium speciation in natural and plantation-grown willow (Salix) species