Andrew Vanover


Andrew has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Geology from The University of Virginias’s College at Wise. He began his career as a Hydrologic Technician for the Lower Mississippi – Gulf Water Science Center in Montgomery, Alabama in 2014.

Andrew collects hydrologic data to better define the quality, quantity, availability, movement and distribution of surface water and ground water. His primary focus is stream gaging where he is responsible for measuring and surveying a number of real time surface water discharge gaging stations. Andrew has also assisted with numerous sampling projects for the National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA), Corps of Engineers Remediation Feasibility Study, Arsenic Speciation Investigation and pesticide occurrence in groundwater study. Sampling locations for these projects have ranged from the Tombigbee and Alabama River basins to the coastal Mobile Bay area.

Andrew also serves as the Collateral Duty Safety Officer for Alabama. He is responsible for administering the organization’s safety program and serves as the liaison between management and the appropriate regional safety officer.