Audrey Ishii

My team develops and implements projects that include floodplain mapping studies, model parameter regionalization, flood-frequency and flow-duration regression analysis, software and web-display projects, data collection for sediment, pier scour, dam removal effects, habitat assessment, rainfall, land-survey data, GIS analysis, hydrologic impacts of land-use naturalization assessments, real-time watershed and hydraulic simulation studies (my focus), climatologic data analysis and publication. I am a member of the StreamStats Advisory Committee. Professional Affilations Professional Engineer, State of Illinois American Geophysical Union


1997-present.  Coordinate the integration, testing, and application of the continuous-simulation rainfall-runoff model, Hydrologic Simulation Program—FORTRAN (HSPF), and dynamic-wave routing model, Full Equations (FEQ) into a near-real time flood simulation system with pre- and post-processing for operational use on Salt Creek in DuPage County, Illinois.   Many additional subprojects added over the years include the use of NEXRAD rainfall data, meteorologic database development, expanding the system to additional watersheds, sluice-gate calibration, and increasing software capabilities.  Website developed and maintained with real-time tools   1992-present.  Verification, support and documentation of the one-dimensional, unsteady-flow model, Full Equations (FEQ).  Specific tasks include conducting field surveys and data collection and application of the model for verification, co-author User’s Guide, develop and maintain web page, support consultants, other agency (especially FEMA), and academic users, and coordinate and provide training and USGS support for the model.  Dr. Delbert Franz of Linsley, Kraeger Associates, Mountain View, California wrote and maintains the model.  The model was linked to the Branched Lagrangian Transport Model (BLTM) and applied to simulate conservative dye transport in Fox River in northeastern Illinois.  Cooperators are DuPage County and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources (DNR).   1994-95.  Analysis of hydraulic characteristics of the Salt Creek watershed for reservoir management.  Comparison of parameter sets based on separate raingage networks for HSPF modeling in DuPage County.  Start-up work on projects utilizing continuous simulation rainfall-runoff modeling, raingage network analysis.     1986, 1988-89.  Flood reports and HEC-1 rainfall-runoff model parameter regionalization studies. Flood frequency analysis. Cooperator was the former Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Water Resources.     1987.  Documentation and application of a diffusion model for subsurface gas transport with at a low-level radioactive waste site.  Methane and 14CO2 movement was modeled.  Effective diffusion coefficients and the coefficient for first-order bioconsumption of methane in the unsaturated were determined.  Federally funded project for the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Program.  Wrote documentation of model, modified model code, simulated diffusion and bioconsumption and did literature search.   1985.  Saturated and unsaturated zone modeling of surface coal-mine cuts using Variably Saturated Two Dimensional model (VS2D).  Ran models and programmed post-processing plotting routines. Federal project for the Coal Hydrology Program.