Autumn S Henson, MBA


Autumn Henson is the Administrative Officer at the USGS Arizona Water Science Center.  The Water Science Center serves Arizona and the Nation collecting and disseminating high-quality hydrologic data and scientific interpretation, publishing dozens of USGS Series reports and peer-reviewed journal articles each year. The Center also provides critical hydrologic leadership, working with cooperating state, local, and federal agencies, tribes, and academic researchers.

As the administrative officer, Autumn advises the Arizona Water Science Center's staff on a broad range of administrative policies, issues, and regulations.  She serves as principal advisor to center management regarding the fiscal status and financial trends, and she provides recommendations and guidance regarding often complex financial issues and decisions.  She generates reports, directs the annual closeout of the Center's budget, plans and conducts complex analytical studies of organizational elements, and works to identify problems.  She approves resource utilization, administrative support, and effectiveness.  Autumn also manages salaries and overtime costs, equipment and vehicle costs, and analyzes organizational units of the Center.

Before joining the USGS in 2017, Autumn was a budget analyst for the Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force.  She performed financial management/budget formulation work involving preparation of detailed analyses of annual and/or multi-year budget estimates for one or more future budget years.  She performed budget execution, trend analysis and financial management work involving the monitoring of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of funds, different sources and types of funding.  She also served as a consultant to management providing advisory support to managers as to proper methods, techniques, and factors.  She conducted analyses, reviews, and special studies of financial management related and served as senior financial management specialst providing advice, guidance, and general oversight over lower grade financial management specialists.